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“Capitalism: A Love Story” A Notblueatall Review


It’s no surprise to me that Micheal Moore is more famous for being himself than for the content of his movies it seems. Even he knows it as I found out this morning in an email from him to his fans:

“And it’s true. I’ve been surprised (and slightly annoyed) that, with all that’s been written and talked about “Capitalism: A Love Story,” very little attention has been paid the mind-blowing stuff in the film: pilots on food stamps, companies secretly taking out life insurance policies on employees and hoping they die young so the company can collect, judges getting kickbacks from the private prison industry for sending innocent people (kids) to be locked up. The profit motive — it’s a killer.”

I had been dying to see his new movie as I have seen all of his, but with life being so full of busy I just wasn’t able to make it on opening weekend. So yesterday the husband and I hit the matinee showing. Because $10.75 for a regular viewing just wasn’t going to cut it on our budget! Yeah, I know, ridiculous! And as much as I would love to support what I think is an important film, I just couldn’t do it at full price.

Regardless of the price and the critics remarks about Moore, the man, not the film maker, I was hardly surprised but certainly fired up by the film’s end. Yep! Just like all of his movies you walk out of the theatre with a fire in your belly, a scowl on your face and a clear and determined path to take down “the bad guys.” Only this time (ha!) the bad guys are our government? Wait, that can’t be right…can it? Well, not exactly. It’s Wall Street & our government. And as I have been learning more and more everyday about the current health care “debate” (yeah, whatta lie!) I have come to the conclusion that our current system of elected officials doing the bidding of welathy and influential lobbyists is a bunch of convuluted bullshit. Oops, did I say that? Yeah, I guess I did. So be it!

Like all of Michael Moore’s films, “Capitalism: A Love Story” is no exception. It is just as well researched and informed and compassionate as his previous films. Somehow though this one leads you right into the belly of dispair, but also shows you the “businesses” that benefit from others misery. You will be aghast at the practices of corporations (surprise) and well known elected officials. You will laugh and cry and yell and burn with anger…but what else is new? It’s a Michael Moore film and I loved it!

Did you see “Capitalism: A Love Story”? What did you think?

For more info on the film: or: and check out his new blog, too!

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