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Cafe Style Decorating and Inspiration for Small Spaces


When I took over the lease on a never-even-opened cafe I realized that the skills I’ve attained over the many years of living in tiny apartments woudl most definitely come in handy. While paint color was the first thing I obsessed over, the overall feel of the space is still coming together and very important to me. Of course I want to attract customers, but this is also a space that I will personally be occupying (working my ass off in other words) for 8-12 hours a day! So yeah, this is big!

Once I got the color out of the way (I posted a pic in a recent post with the little sectional I got at Target), the woods and other touches started coming in. While I am happy with my chairs and counters, I thought about the other things. So I thought I would share some of my ideas with you, my beloved and cherished readers!

The one thing I HAD TO HAVE (or OMG I would explode!) was this gorg little wall clock from Target (I’m a junky!):

Product Image

Isn’t it adorable? In a way it’s me in a nutshell. I mean, it’s timeless and classic yet elegant and just a little funky (oval?). I haven’t hung it up yet, but I adore it! And at $25 it’s a total bargain! I think it’s simple silver, white and black will be just enough to pop on my near-Tiffany blue walls.

I personally love clocks and watches and all things representing both the past, present and future (as time and their keeping pieces often do). Target actually has an incredible and diverse selection of clocks for the home. They’ve even made your online shopping easier by including several sub categories (color, room, etc.).

I also have a big huge major problem: A big black brick wall! It is enormous! I just ordered some samples from this fabulous web site: (love the name!) and can’t wait to test their stickiness on this wall o’ mine. I am planning on buying this gorgeous and whimsical tree to fill the gap, bring the outdoors in and remind everyone of the city they are in while being comfy and cozy in my tiny cafe:

Tall Tree with Leaves Blowing in the Wind - Wall Decals -                                                       

I think it will attract kids and their parents, too. It will give the cafe a more open feel (it needs all the help it can get at 40o square feet) and remind people that nature is everywhere and should be loved, cherished and respected (or she’ll kick yo ass!). It’s a bit pricey, but it’s cheaper than hiring a muralist and it will be quick and fun to stick it on the wall.

I know you’re not opening a cafe, but if you’ve seen my “J’Adore Decor” post you know all about my love of the wall decals! You can find them everywhere now! I’ve seen them at Michael’s (craft store), Lowes (hardware) and even Walmart! Nuts, I know! But hey, they’re fun and not permanant. So you can change up your space as often as your budget and fancy allows!

I also love the idea of bringing the cafe vibe into the home! As a dear friend and I quickly became obsessed with baking cupcakes and going out for afternoon tea (we have Lisa’s Tea Treasures nearby, delightful!) we also began to include these themes in our home decor! (I will say that she took the classy/elegant route to perfection while I prefer more bold or slightly more european over British tea time trends). The cupcake trend thing really took the world by storm and thus created a near cult-like love for all things related! I love this and glad I didn’t see it sooner (I’d be broke!):

You are special...cupcake stand in aqua.          

I love this idea:

Golden Glamour tea cup Soy wax candle by TwilightSpells choose your favourite fragrance                                

Just gorgeous! Yet…simple! In fact, this seller has many styles like this candle for sale: In fact, all of etsy has thousands of sellers just waiting for your attention, affections and business! Check it out! This all lead to my own etsy shop, I admit. Due to our baking obsession, I began searching for aprons. I bought one on etsy and then decided to make an apron for my two best gal-pal’s 30th b-days! They loved their aprons and I got the confidence to make aprons and sell them online:

You can find bistro sets (both indoor and outside versions) almost anywhere lately. I’ve even seen some impressive ones at Orchard Supply Hardware (some even bargain priced!). But for those of us without a balcony, patio or other outside space to relax and entertain in, we’re left to our own creative devices. When entertaining I love to serve freshly ground and brewed organic coffee. The best kitchen gadgets aren’t always plugged into the wall, darlings! Nope! In this case I prefer the old French Press! It’s simple, sleek, can be washed and stored ridiculously easily and impresses people who’ve never seen one used before! While they average around the $30 mark, you can sometimes find sales or bargains or better yet…vintage! (Some parts may need replacing for some very old or soiled ones.) If you haven’t already noticed, French Presses or “Press Pots” are a rapidly growing trend among coffee lovers. This won’t die anytime soon either…these are no mere fondue pots! These are useful and simple tools for your kitchen and at-home cafe! And while I coudl talk all day about coffees and espresso blends, I shant bore you dears.

Target: (although this bargain huntress can’t stand to spend so much on so litte!)

And always be sure to at least appear as though you know exactly what you’re doing:

Artwork always helps when it comes to decorating the home/apt on a budget! Why buy when you can DIY?! Even if you’re not the next Basquiat (J’Adore!) or Picasso, you can certainly paint a coffee or tea cup! And if you can’t do that, there are stencils, decals, photos, magazines and other items you can affix to your final masterpiece! Or if you must (because we’re all so busy lately) you can buy vintage prints and posters. Or, better yet, buy handmade!

4 COFFEE CAFE WALL PLAQUES Pictures SIGNS. Kitchen or Restaurant Wall decor[]=tags&includes[]=title

JUMBO Original Art PINK frosted CUPCAKE with Cherry Bakery Diner inspired diecut vintage kitchen sign[]=tags&includes[]=title

Going to meet Eva  -- 8x10 Fine Art Photograph[]=tags&includes[]=title

cafe love 4x6 Fine Art Print[]=tags&includes[]=title

Or at the very least you can get an air freshner, candle or other aromatic:

Why not have some friends over for tea and coffee? You can make mini-sammies and serve scones and other small delectables! Hit your local thrift store for some vintage looking tableclothes and settings or just get some cheap paper doilies and cover your coffee table! (Michael’s has a Martha Stewart section that is to die for! And I seriously resisted liking that section.)

For me? I prefer the funky and mismatched more punk style of tea service. Why not try some of those flavored Baily’s Irish Cream liquers (original, caramel and mint!)  in your evening coffee soiree` or book club meetup? Sounds like a party to me!  You don’t have to be a whizz in the kitchen, but your guests will be quite impressed I assure you! The music you choose may also enhance the mood. Check iTunes for cool cafe inspired playlists. I know of a few country themed ones (ie: paris, rome, etc.)

Have you incorporated anything cafe related in your own home decor? Tell me about it! Or send me a pic! Comments, suggestions, etc are always welcome and appreciated!

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