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My work event last night went well. Unfortunately I hit the caffeine beast a bit too hard yesterday with all of the hustle and bustle of setting up and managing the event that I couldn’t get to sleep until stupid-late. I woke up feeling extra tired as a result, but such is life. I’m wearing a cute new Torrid top today that is all black and white chevrons with a sheer top bit, I dunno, I’m excited about this top. Also, you ever just have a great boob day? Like, I keep looking down and thinking, “Nice!” Ha-ha!
To be honest, I’m not having a good day at all. I got pulled into a meeting that really doesn’t apply to me (don’t know if it ever will) and then as I was getting back to work at my desk most of the other admins all went out to lunch together. Not that I would have gone (too early for me) but it’s hella rude to not even invite me! I’m too tired to be truly upset by this, but I have little tolerance for rudeness and this just takes the fucking cake!
I cannot wait for 6pm! I get to see my fella tonight for dinner and tomorrow my bff Jery has his directorial debut with a local community theater rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar, which is a show I actually love! I wish he was in the show, too, but only because his Judas was so marvelous years ago. I have no doubt that his JCS will be just as great, but I do love to see that boy sing and dance! 😉
I can’t believe it’s daylight savings time again already. It just feels wrong! It should be in April, right? Oh well. I’ll squeeze sleeps in somewhere, I guess. I keep feeling like I’m forgetting things, even when I’m not. It’s frustrating and it makes me doubt myself and that’s no good. Work has been taking so much of my time I’m feeling a bit lonely. Like, I don’t have folks to just chat with there. I eat my lunch alone, usually with my phone. Though I keep meaning to finish a book I have in my car. 
I keep hearing this phrase, “I don’t have the bandwidth for that” and surprisingly I’d never encountered it prior to this job. Funny enough, I don’t think I’ll use it myself, at least not for work stuff. I guess it’s more personal life stuffs that make me feel that way. I felt awful when my sister wanted to call me last weekend and had asked for my help but I just didn’t have a moment to spare. Last minute stuff is really hard when you get booked up with things, but mentally it’s an even bigger challenge for me. I just don’t always have the capacity or energy to handle things that pop up lately. I guess I’m always trying to find a name for “what’s wrong with me” even when there probably isn’t a thing “wrong”. Ha-ha!
Well, it’s late in the day and I’m tired enough to chance a coffee. Wish me luck! 
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