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TFIF! Ha-ha! What a week, eh? Seems like the longest in awhile, at least for me. I had the rare opportunity to go out last night for some fun with a fantastic friend of mine. We went to a goth club in San Jose for some drinkin’ and dancin’. We probably spent more time laughing and talking than anything else. And I was fortunate enough to meet an old friend of hers who I instantly clicked with. I love when that happens! It felt so rebellious to be having that much fun on a Thursday night. Ha-ha!

This weekend is mega busy for me, but I’m very excited about it all. So excited in fact that I got up an hour before my alarm, after only 5 hours sleeps. Oops! Today I’m going to acupuncture, following by a tattoo appointment and then a karaoke party at a friend’s place tonight! So much fun!

Tomorrow I’m going out dancing in San Francisco for the Prince and Michael Jackson Experience (seriously the best night of dancing you will ever experience!) with the same fabulous friend from last night. Sunday I’m going to a seminar called “Ultimate Self Confidence” by “The World Famous Bob” in Oakland. And finally, hopefully, dinner with the boys Sunday night. Whew! Let’s hope I make through ’til Monday!

I’ve also just begun to write letters again. Yes, actual handwritten ones. My issue isn’t in the writing of them, but in the getting them into the mail part. I don’t know why it is, but it is a long-term pattern for me. Things have sat in my purse or on my desk for ages and some never do make it into the mail. I have just recently sent one though, and I am hoping to cure myself of this very oddly specific  procrastination.

I hope that whatever you do this weekend that you do it with your whole and most authentic self. I hope that you find ways to stay true to you and what feels best for you. I feel autumn in the air and it excites me! It’s my favorite time of year! That crispness in the evenings, oh how it delights me! I hope you find and relish in something that delights you, too.

Rad Fatty Love,



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