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Broke Femme Finds!


I am part of a femmes group on Facebook and I love how they share tips and advice and product reviews. I am constantly inspired and delighted by what happens in that group. I thought I would share some of my own cheap and easy finds that keep me going on those tough days or keep me looking or feeling better than I could without. These are just what I like and use and in no way is this a must have list or anything. But I rarely have other femmes IRL that I can talk to about this stuff, and so I share it here with you. 🙂

I have seen e.l.f. at Target & Walgreens. I LOVE this brand so much! Most of their products are around $3, though many are only $1-$2. Their eye shadow primer is fantastic! I recently discovered and am hooked on their setting spray, it just sort of sets your make up in place. I do the shadow primer, then eye shadows/liners/mascaras and top it off with the spray. That shit stays perfect for 12+ hours! No lie! I also have their brush cleaner but haven’t used it yet. I just today purchased their make-up remover pen. I figure that might work better on the eyeliner mistakes I always make instead of just spit and a q-tip. Ha-ha! I love their liquid eyeliner pen for my wings. I have tried two different lip stuffs from them and one was a hit the other a miss, but at these prices it’s not so devastating when a lip color sucks. Ha-ha! They also have these incredible eye shadow palettes for like five bucks. I’ve never bought one but always look at them longingly. The colors?!?! But in the end I can never justify it. One day, perhaps.

Another affordable drug store brand. I think I’ve seen this one at Target, Walmart and at least one drug store, but I can’t recall which one at the mo. Oops! But I am a fan of the lip stain, lip gloss and nail polish (I think it’s their “New York Minute” one that is fast drying). I have a lip gloss of theirs that smells like magical cake fairies! Oh so good! I always perusethis line and usually find something worth adding to my femme-arsenal.  Again, this one is like $2-$4 there abouts. Lots of fun colors. I am always tempted to try their mascara (e.l.f.’s too, actually), but I’m kind of stuck on my current fave (see below).

Oh Wet ‘N Wild, I have literally grown up with this stuff! I swear it gets better with time, too! In fact, this old tried and true brand has impressed the crap outta me lately! They have this new-ish “Fergie” line, you know the gal from the Black Eyed Peas? Yeah, her. Well, the eye shadow primer base stuff is perfection! In fact, it works too well! My only complaint would be that it’s a tad difficult to remove at times, but I’ve figured out what works for me, I think. I put that stuff under my eye shadow and the e.l.f. setting spray on top and that shit ain’t moving for days! I will say that I can feel this primer on my lids but the e.l.f. one I cannot. Application is also more difficult with the Wet ‘N Wild brand, but it works better. I haven’t tried the Fergie lipsticks, but only because the colors are a little too bold for my complexion…or I’m a chicken shit. Ha! I love their regular mega last lipsticks and I ADORE their mega last nail polishes. They have these curved brushes that makes painting your nails, even your toe nails, a cinch! I have one of the eye shadow palettes, but nothing exciting. I’ve never tried their mascaras, but so like some of their eyeliners. I will never not check this brand’s section no matter what store I’m in.

Some stuff worth springing for (in my opinion, anyway):













My favorite mascara! Maybelline Falsies Flared (I like blackest black or black drama). I have tried so many fucking mascaras! Every time I see a new mascara commercial and I so taken in by their ridiculous claims. Top that off with my favorite celebs, Drew Barrymore and P!nk?! Not fair! But I hate them all in the end. But this baby is tried and true! DO NOT BUY THE WATERPOOF VERSION!!! It’s horrible stuff. Just putting it on was awful, felt like rubber cement, and it wouldn’t even stay on evenly. Ugh! But the regular stuff is amazeballs. I hate clumps and my puny lashes need all the help they can get and this satisfies on many levels for me.

Neutrogena On-The-Spot treatment. Even 35 year olds get pimples! This stuff works reliably without over-drying or a strong chemical smell or stinging/burning or other irritations. I’ve been buying this one for years and it’s my go-to for all things zit related. I did buy e.l.f.’s “zit zapper” roller ball pen thingy, but it’s mostly just witch hazel and it is very smelly so I don’t prefer it. This one is a bit more expensive than I would prefer, but it lasts a long time and sometimes I can find it online cheaper. Still, if I run out, I head to Target or Walmart and snag some up because I can’t be without for long.












Carmex click sticks are perfection! I buy the cherry and strawberry ones, but today I grabbed a pomegranite because it’s new and that was exciting for me. I’d been out of Carmex for three days and while I used my EOS lip ball thingy, it’s just not the same. Carmex has this creamy texture that stays on awhile and I enjoy it’s slight medicinal aroma with the cherry or berry or whatever. I don’t like the classic scent, though, it’s too strong. I put this stuff on right before bed every night, after a single sip of water, and then I turn out the light. I wake up with perfectly happy lips! I often put some on right after a shower, too, but not always. I love that it has spf 15 and I have used it for sun protection before, but generally it’s an addiction thing I have but I love it and I don’t care. Ha-ha!

I am a sucker for a good exfoliator. I’ve tried mega natural products and majorly chemical stuff, too. I’m rarely satisfied, but this one surprised me when I got a travel size for a trip once and now I keep getting it! It’s gentle enough that my sensitive skin isn’t irritated, but strong enough that I actually feel that it’s doing it’s job. The scent is mild and nice. A little goes a long way and while it’s more expensive than their apricot scrub (and seriously if you love the apricot scrub buy the drugstore brand, not the real one) I love this stuff! Sometimes I’ll cut it with some face wash I got at Trader Joe’s, but that’s a very recent development.

So, I have dandruff. Nothing to be ashamed of. It runs in my family (that’s a thing, right?) and over the years I’ve tried so many fucking things it’s maddening to consider the money spent on garbage products. I’ve tried everything on the market! Somehow this head and shoulders, just this formula, works for me. I can’t do their other ones, not sure why. But this one rocks my locks! Ha-ha! I buy the larger size bottle at Walmart, it’s literally the only place I’ve found locally that carries the larger size.

Ohmigosh! I love this stuff so much! I get the larger size with a pump at Walmart for mega cheap! It has Moroccan argon oil in it, it’s thick and rich and creamy and smells so good but not flowery or perfumey. It allows me to let my hair air dry with minimal frizz. I’ve been using this one for two years now and love the crap out of it! I’d be hard pressed to switch to something else as my regular conditioner. I used to be a die hard Pantene gal, but this stuff is so much better!

Okay, except when I wanna go curly! Ha-ha! I have naturally curly-wavy hair and while I usually try to tame/straighten it, I have days or weeks where curly is what I wanna do and so I use this Herbal Essences Totally Twisted conditioner. It works! It’s lighter than my regular stuff and lets my curls come through on their own (though I always add another product after the shower). I tried this at a friend’s place while house sitting and fell in love. I don’t care for the scent much, it is a little flowery for me, but I don’t use it often enough to be bothered by it.

I just bought these Trader Joe’s “Nourish” face wash and moisturizer. I like the wash, but I don’t get how it’s exfoliating at all. If it’s happening I’m not feeling it. I do like it, though. The moisturizer I’m still trying to figure out. It feels too light in my hand and so I do two pumps, but then I put it on my face and it feels like I’m using too much. Ugh! I’ll figure it out. They were $3.99 each which is ridiculously cheap for this type of thing. And the ingredients seem less harsh than most. I can’t afford the ones I used to get anymore. I have combination-sensitive skin which is not fun sometimes, but I do alright I guess.

I would love your thoughts, advice, recommendations and tips! I use eBay a lot, amazon, too. I shop at Big Lots and the Dollar Tree and find things there sometimes. This is just stuff I like/love or have found to be of value. I’m not able to afford/buy department store brands and never have been. I’ve tried some home made stuff, like a face scrub with baking soda, but usually end up frustrated. I’ve not been compensated in any way shape or form to review/share these brands or items with you. Just thought it’d be nice to have for future reference (for myself mostly, but maybe you’ll like it).

Thanks, as always, for reading. Do check out this blog’s Facebook page for more tips, tricks, blogs, articles, pictures, discussions, sale alerts and more! So much more! 😉

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