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Be Radical: Be YOU!



I have written quite a bit in the past about self care and while I think it’s very important still, I want to talk about some serious Radical Self Love, today. Let me start this off with one thing though, you do not have to love yourself or your body. You don’t have to do anything. This is simply some stuff that has helped me be a better me and a happier me. I’m not at all saying that there is one way or a right way to live or be…hardly! 😉

Be Radical: Be YOU!

Talking to my lovely and amazing friend Raven on Saturday about how difficult it is and can be growing up being viewed as different or weird or “other”. She shared her mom’s belief that following the crowd and being a sheep is just no way to be at all. I was gobsmacked! Ohmiglob how I wish someone had told me that growing up! I wondered how different my life would be now and how I would have avoided so much heartache and misery.

Not that that philosophy would have saved me from it all, life can be painful even in the best of cases, but perhaps I wouldn’t have felt so alone and lost. This simple yet radical concept did not enter my life until well into my twenties. Ridiculous! I know! But it’s true and I actually came to it on my own. It was right about the time I found fat acceptance, too. Go figure! Ha-ha!

My point is that when you realize that trying to fit into something you are holding yourself back. You are dulling your sparkle! We cannot have this! We are amazing beings capable of so much good (and yes, evil, too…but I believe that is a choice) and we have within our own individual power the ability to rise above the status quo and be our best selves. We can, you can, I can…

I wasted so much time and energy trying to fit in and hating myself for not being accepted. How silly is that?! Now, I say fuck it all, I am me and if you don’t like me, please leave me. Ha! I will never tell you that this is the easy route. But easy? I wouldn’t know it if it slapped my face! I only know my own experiences and they have shown me what happiness feels like. To be fulfilled within yourself and to seek what you want and to do what feels right is to know happiness, I think.

I’m suggesting you stop holding yourself back from the things you’ve wanted to do and see because you were afraid of not fitting in or being accepted. When you accept yourself, when you love and support you, you can stop giving a damn about all of that other stuff. It’s lovely! Because we cannot control how others perceive us, so worrying about it won’t help! Ha!

I would also recommend finding and being in the company of other radical self loving individuals if you can. There are so many wonderful online communities out there that I enjoy. I post some of their stuff on this blog’s Facebook page from time to time. But you may also consider attending or starting some body positive events in your area. There are a lot of events happening all over this Summer it seems. Fatty Affair Family Picnic, NAAFA, NoLose, Cupcakes & Muffintops, Size Diversity Task Force Retreat, Fat Girl Flea and so much more! So check ’em out, start your own and just be YOU! 😉


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