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Back to basics…


Guess what? I have great news: Your body is perfect the way it is, right now, this very second. Yep! Take a good gander at that baby, it’s all yours! You can choose to hate it, you can choose to love it…it’s a choice and it’s all up to you! But let me tell you a little secret,  the more you choose to love and support your body, the better you will feel everyday. I swear it’s true! When you choose to love and support your body, soon, you will begin to see all bodies as the beautiful and wonderful things we all were gifted with in this world. It’s lovely!

I know this may seem odd or even far fetched or impossible. I promise you, it’s not. It’s a bit of work and well, it’s rarely easy, but it’s always worth it! You will stop judging yourself and your body and eventually other people, too. It’s this whole awesome magical experiential journey thing. When you decide to stop hating your body you’ll soon see how much time and energy and effort you wasted. All of that time and energy could be put to other uses, right? So choose something that makes you feel good and do it! Do it often! Do it because you deserve to feel good, dammit!

I gave up a few things when I started to hate my body. One was dresses and fashion in general, the other was dancing. I loved those things so much and they made me feel good once upon a time. But as my body grew fatter, my hate for it grew as well. It wasn’t until I learned that there was another option: Loving my body! And once that started I got into fashion a bit more and soon saw gorgeous fatties wearing all sorts of amazing things! Eventually I thought, “Hey! I deserve to feel good and wear cute stuff, too!”

Then a friend took me out dancing. I hadn’t been dancing in 14 years! And it was awesome! I felt connected to my body for the first time in ages. And I wanted MORE! Soon I was going out dancing as much as possible and even taking belly dance classes. When I began to connect with my body more I also began to care for it more. To listen to it and help it heal from injuries and protect it from future ones. Through all of that, I also found my sexy! It was there all along, for sure, but I couldn’t see it. But when I’m dancing? I’m the sexiest bitch in the fucking universe!!! Ha-ha!

Only you are holding you back. Don’t ever forget that! I’m working on that part myself right now. I must remind myself what I have done, what I am capable of and all that I have been through and yet I’m still here! I am still on this amazing journey and I finally know in my heart just how awesome I am. Now? There’s no stopping me! I hope that you will find a way to love your body and yourself and become all that you’ve ever wanted to as well.

Rad fatty love to you! <3

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