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Autumn is in the Air, Dammit!


I know, I know, the sun worshippers of the world are latching onto their last precious rays of summer’s glory days. But I didn’t choose the Victorian/Morticia/Pug life…it chose me! Ha-ha! I am an autumn baby; late October, thanks. When the days begin to cool and the leaves begin to turn, I swear it is then that my soul truly awakens. Yes, Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I haven’t been able to really celebrate in years! That’s gotta change!

I woke up this morning and was excited to try a new (to me) dandruff shampoo from Biolage I had ordered online. The reviews swore it was the best thing ever! I also splurged, slightly, on a nice conditioner by Nexxus. I had a new pair of shoes, earrings, necklace, and a dress, too. I hadn’t put these things together in my mind yet, but as I was getting dressed, well, it all just worked out!

You see, my work bff, and honestly the biggest cheerleader in my life (and that is a high bar, lemme tell ya!), came back to work today after a vacation. They took one look at me this morning and flipped out! They always do, but this time did feel more special. They insisted I was glowing and needed a pic. I gushed over my new shoes that I’m now in love and obsessed with, and they immediately gasped as they’d never seen me in pointed toe shoes.

So I was super feelin’ myself today, and why not?! I haven’t had many of those as of late. I do have a bit of a shoe addiction, always in search of the most stylish and most comfortable shoes. I may have found them! No idea how my shampoo worked out yet, I got to work with my hair still wet so I threw it up into a top knot so the back could dry and just left it. As always, I was in a rush this morning, so my makeup was a quick thing.

These shoes, though?! OMZ! Naturalizer had a sale, I think 25% off or something. I looked at their entire line, there’s some cute flats but nothing exciting, until I saw these babies. I kept going back to the page, telling myself, “No! No more shoes! You are out of control!” but it didn’t stick. The free shipping on top just made matters worse. They come in wide widths! They’re leather flats, pointed toe, mules! I got an 8 wide and they fit like a fucking dream right outta the box! That never happens. I expected some initial discomfort, but I’ve had zero. ZERO! I wore them without socks today, but may try those half-liner style ones, so my toes are protected. Not sure I’d even need it but I want these shoes to last forever and I hate when the insole gets wrecked before the outsole does.

My lovely work bff takes great pics, even if they are just using my phone. They told me where to stand and just kept clicking away. Such a pro! Ha-ha! Honestly?! I love these pictures! I love this outfit and these shoes and everything about today’s outfit! I’ve really been into inexpensive jewelry lately. I got a 4-pack of cheap hoop earrings on Amazon. (Also got this amazing deal on these huggie style hoops!) The sweater is discontinued but it’s my absolute favorite thing, it’s from ModCloth. The dress is also Torrid, but couldn’t find it on their site, maybe it’s gone. My glasses are from Coastal (dot com) and are also my favorite ever (they might also be discontinued, sorry)!

I bought this rose gold-tone, caged heart necklace at Torrid a couple of months ago but couldn’t work it into an outfit until today. Wooo!

The ring is from Minette and is 14k rose gold, with two small onyx stones on either side of a tiny white pearl. It makes me so happy, this little ring. I have another of their rings that I also adore. I love the daintiness of their rings, but all of their stuff is great quality, fast shipping, affordable prices, truly sweet packaging!

I even did my nails kinda fancy last night. I’ve been growing them out to see how long they can get until they all break. Ha-ha! I do my nails myself, usually just a solid color with the occasional glittery accent nail. It’s sort of meditative for me, doing my nails. I enjoy it in any case. Also, it’s hard to take a pic of your nails. Just sayin’! Ha!

Just look at these colors?! And it’s a lovely warm and breezy day outside. I know many of you are not excited about cooler weather. Honestly, it hasn’t been a very hot summer here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m grateful for that as I cannot be in the sun (allergic to sunscreen + natural redhead = instant spontaneous combustion). I think I’m in a good place, physically and mentally, for the most part. I’m making some progress which I hope to write about soon. Someone even brought in some cakes for someone’s birthday at work. Woo cake! Ha-ha! I dunno, I’m just lookin’ good and feelin’ fine and pretty dang contented with that at the moment.

I’ll be forty-one soon, and I gotta say it ain’t bad, this gettin’ older thing. Though my grandma always told me, “Never get old, Sarah!” I know she only meant the tough stuff. I’m grateful to have the life that I do and more so the people in it. This may seem like some silly outfit of the day post, but for me this was a pretty big deal. Sounds shallow or superficial, perhaps. I don’t dress up for the validation or approval of others. I dress for me. I love how I feel when I love how I look. It’s a collection of things, really, and fashion is a big part of that for me. I also sit at the front desk of a major tech startup in silicon valley, so I take a little pride now and then with my appearance.

I find it both empowering and liberating. For me it is a part of a myriad of things I consider to be in my own self-care arsenal. Sometimes it’s just jeans and a t-shirt and getting my ass out the door in the morning. Other times it’s a bit much, but I don’t care. If I’m feelin’ it I try to go with it, when time permits.  I was quite pleased with today’s ensemble, though it came together through happenstance. Having a friend cheer me on is the best! They will be moving out of state at the end of this month and I don’t know what I will do without their presence everyday. We’ll text, of course! Ha-ha!

Rad Fatty Love to ALL,


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“Autumn is in the Air, Dammit!”

  1. On September 7th, 2018 at 10:17 am jery Says:

    Those pics are perfection!
    She really is good with a camera!

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