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At least now he can rest…


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I have loved Michale Jackson since I was 4 or 5 years old. When the “Thriller” album came out my family went nuts! We would check out the making of “Thriller” video from the library on the regular! My dad memorized the famous Vincent Price dialogue from the album. We knew the dance moves and could even re-enact the dramatic scenes from the video! We were dorkes, but we were music dorks!
I would stare at the “centerfold” of the LP (that’s a vinyl record to you kids out there) for hours dreaming of marrying MJ and getting to play with that baby tiger in the photo! I didn’t fully grasp how BIG that album was until about a year later when ALL of the kids at school had added some element of MJ to their wardrobe! Crazy! We all followed his career for many years after that, too! Do you remember the EVENT that was the “Black & White” video premiere? I do! It was rad! I never passed judgement on Michael Jackson and I don’t think I ever will. I am sure that a lot will come out after his death and I have no doubt that the “exclusive stories” and books will hit the market and airwaves within the month–vultures!
Remember, he was never convicted of anything, ever! When you are that famous and faced with that accusation, you will do what you can to squash it quickly and quietly regardless of your innocence or guilt! It’s sad, but true. I know I would! I mean, almost anyone can end up on a sexual predator list now days. It is just what our paranoid and knee-jerk society has brought us to. Unfortunately that on top of a lifetime of abuse and protection and probably never knowing who he truly was lead him to lead a life many saw as bizarre. How normal a life can you lead as a Jackson family member? Yeah, exactly!
So save the judgement for yourself. Maybe now he can finally be left alone…you know, what he wanted all along?! Please, save yoru faux mourning and pity, he doesn’t need it!

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