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Asshole is the New Douche


Yeah, it’s over! Douche is officially passé. Stop saying it unless you can come up with absolutely no other adjective for what/who you’re describing. It seems everyone was throwing around the word douche like it was going out of style…only that’s why it is  now out of style!

The replacement? Well, it won’t work in the same way, but I’ve found that when people call someone a douche it’s usually because they are an asshole! Yet there are varying degrees of the asshole. I mean, I call my husband a jerk all of the time for minor or dorky offenses, but asshole? Never. An asshole has to actually do or say something quite awful in order to garner such a title/reaction. You can’t just see a dude walking down the street and call him an asshole for no reason! No no no. That’s not cool, man!

But believe me, you will know an asshole when you see/hear one!  And with this classic insult at the ready you can go forth fully prepared for all forms of assholery in the world with confidence!

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