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Art: Fad Diets


We’ve all tried at least one, but I actually don’t know anyone who’s ONLY tried just one. Seems nearly laughable if not for the horrible things we do to our bodies to fit into modern society’s ideal version of a human body. Ugh! No thanks. I’m done hating myself and torturing my body to make others feel more comfortable. That’s their problem, not mine! Not anymore! So when I saw the artwork of Stephanie Gonot  online, it gave me pause.

At first I wasn’t sure what to think. But then it hit me just how ridiculous the dieting culture really is and how vividly her artwork depicts just that. We don’t think about the ladies in our office who drink diet coke and smoke outside everyday. We don’t consider the fact that they are destroying their health in order to be thinner. That they might believe deep down that by simply becoming smaller in size that they will magically and/or dramatically make their lives all they’ve ever dreamed of.

Dieting appears in this context as a bit of a magic spell. A dash of cayenne, some honey and lemon…you, too, can be svelte and popular! Ha-hahaha!  Ahem! Sorry. It’s funny because it’s true, and it’s super sad. Because we know this stuff doesn’t work. We ALL know it doesn’t work! We’ve all tried this stuff and had to stop for one reason or another. It’s absurd! To think eating some magic combination of things will make you something you’re not already? Absurd!

There is a reason I equate body positivity and intuitive eating to taking the red pill in the movie the Matrix. Once you see the truth, the science and evidence, there’s no going back. When you see that the only thing holding you back from what you want in life is yourself? You can’t just erase that knowledge and go back to hating and hurting yourself thin! Well, I suppose you could go back to the toxic behaviors, but I don’t think I could ever again believe for a second that safe and permanent weight loss is possible. I’m not even hopeful for something like that happening in the future. I don’t even care! That’s the beauty of acceptance. 

I think the more we can educate ourselves about what we expose ourselves to (nutrition, environmental, mental health, people, etc), we can begin to see that we can choose for ourselves what is right and best for us as individuals. I do think autonomy is the way. I think that human bodies vary so much and thus its needs vary as well. We must come to understand and respect that. I think soon we will see a shift in attitude towards these dangerous behaviors and hopefully something will be done about it. My first thought would be to make laws/rules more strict in regards to advertising claims. Because…WOW! 

There is no league (as in, “They’re out of my league!”), just as there is no magic pill or shake or bar that will make you something you’re not already. The truth is that you’re perfectly fine, just the way you are, right now. The trick is finding that thing within yourself that will make you see this for yourself. Once you find that thing, you’ll never want to have it any other way, because you’re amazing and awesome! YOU ARE!

When you feel better about yourself, you take better care of yourself! It’s fantastic! You just will, you’ll want to and you will find ways to do it! When you are mindful and listening to your body and mind, you see the world differently. Gosh that’s very “enlightenment” sounding…not exactly what I was going for, but hopefully you get the point. Just be you. Keep on keepin’ on. Let go of other’s bullshit and expectation of you. Fuck ’em! Let them sort themselves out for a change of pace! Wear what you like, do what you like, live the life you want to…NOW!

Rad Fatty Love to ALL!

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