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Anti-Fat Mail


Yesterday I grabbed the mail as I always do when I get home, before I hit the stairs to my apartment. There was only one bill and a chunk of ads/junk mail. I usually flip through the junk and search for local restaurant coupons and recycle the rest. However, I came across something I’d never seen before, well, not in this format anyway (forgive the crumpled nature of the pics as I originally wanted to toss this ad, but decided to share instead):
PhotobucketYes, you read that right. In case you didn’t or are in doubt, here’s what it says (I refuse to publish their phone number): “THE FDA SIGNIFICANTLY LOWERED THE MINIMUM WEIGHT REQUIREMENTS FOR THE LAP-BAND!” Like I was fucking waiting for this announcement in my mailbox to arrive, biting my nails in anticipation. Fuck that!

PhotobucketAnd the real kicker:
PhotobucketThe photo of the headless fatties wouldn’t upload, but I think these make the point just fine on their own. UGH! And yes, PPO insurance does cover this surgery (and don’t be fooled, it is still a form of surgery). One, in fact, that has a 60% re-operation rate! Sadly, I also know it’s covered by insurance because Kaiser is trying to get my dad to get the lap-band. I don’t have a healthy relationship with him and have therefore have not gotten on my fatty soapbox about this, but I did ask him outright: “Are you aware of the risks involved?” To which he replied, “Yeah, I’ve done some research.” I seriously doubt that he has and it angers me that a company/corporation whose major marketing campaign is to “live well and thrive” wants him to do this to a perfectly healthy stomach. Fuckin’ A!

But I digress. I was shocked, somehow, that this was in my mailbox along with coupons and ads. Like it’s just this normal fucking thing. It isn’t in my world! The fine print is even more unnerving: “You may be a candidate for the LAP-BAND if your BMI is over 40 or between 30-40 with other specific medical conditions and failed more conservative weight loss therapies such as diet, exercise and weight-loss medications. As with any procedure, the LAP-BAND procedure has certain risks and contraindications. Consult your physician to discuss risks and benefits. Typically with the  LAP-BAND, 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week and 50-70% of excess wight lost and maintained at 5 years can be expected.”

WOW! BULLSHIT ALERT!!! Please read this post over at Big Fat Blog about a recent study on this subject. Frankly I think any physician you talk to about the risks and benefits will only highlight the benefits, regardless of your size. And my opinion of said physicians who perform this “procedure?” I believe that they are damned criminals! Their “oath” of “First, do no harm” is obviously meaningless to such persons. My opinion of most physicians over the years has become increasingly abysmal. It often seems as though they go out of their way to either be complete and utter assholes or simply live in a bubble-like world where they believe their word is THE WORD! IT IS NOT, I can assure you. They dismiss any serious studies, such as the one I linked from Big Fat Blog and still insist such “procedures” are safe and good and that permanent weight loss is possible. It is not.

I don’t know that there is much we can do to highlight the lies and pervasive nature of this type of marketing, let alone somehow shut it down, but I can talk about it here and we can all share our wealth of knowledge about fat and HAES, etc. As for my dad? I’m hoping to give him a copy of the book, “Health At Every Size” (HAES) by Linda Bacon PHD for some upcoming holiday or what have you. Will he read it? Who knows. But I must attempt what I can. Having a serious conversation with him isn’t that likely. My sister is open to reading the book, and for me, that is the biggest happy thing I’ve had happen in awhile. Woo!



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“Anti-Fat Mail”

  1. On March 24th, 2011 at 6:48 pm Lauren Says:

    ICK! I just got an unsolicited religious chain letter in the mail, and I thought that was bad. What really bothers me is the question of whether this is targeted marketing or not. If it is, that means someone is selling and using data about your weight for an ad campaign, which is creepy enough when google does it. If it’s not, that means they are sending this out broadly, possibly triggering all sorts of vulnerable people and preying on their weight fears. Not that they weren’t doing that in the first place, but in the second scenario the implication is that the surgery is for everyone.

    Ooh, do you need to have the HAES book back? If you need to give it to your sister I’ll return it right away! I would be happy for her to read it too!

  2. On March 25th, 2011 at 7:52 am Not Blue at All Says:

    No, it wasn’t targeted at all! That, I think, is what bothers me most. This went out to everyone in my town!
    Oh HAES? Yes, I would like it back soon as she seemed open to reading it. I didn’t tell her the title, but said that it would help her and her husband with their food issues. She said she’d read it as long as it’s not too text bookish. I don’t think it is. Anyway, no rush. Not sure when I’ll see her next.

  3. On March 26th, 2011 at 12:18 am montork Says:

    oh god! print the number so i can prank call them all day!

  4. On March 26th, 2011 at 9:03 am Not Blue at All Says:

    Ha-ha! You’re too funny! I don’t think the phone operators would appreciate it though. I used to work in a call center. I just couldn’t do it. =0)

  5. On March 26th, 2011 at 10:56 pm Kath Says:

    UGH!! You just can’t escape shit like this anywhere, can you? Not even in your own home.

  6. On March 28th, 2011 at 8:11 am Not Blue at All Says:

    It seems to be so, Kath. Sadly.

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