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Annual Big Moves Show: The Sweet Barre


Surrounded by fatness

This past weekend I had the privilege of being a guest performer in the annual Big Moves (dot org) dance show in Oakland, California. My dance partner, Tigress, and I have been performing in this show together for six years now. Every year is an emotional, and often physical, roller coaster. Luckily this year wasn’t so bad in the physical department and emotionally, well, I may write about it later but I’ve been pretty dead inside since March and it’s workin’ for me. *Shrugs* It was a great show, though! It always is. Just being backstage with these incredible performers has been such a gift and source of inspiration. As much as I do the show to give that feeling to others, I do it for myself as well.
In a world that tells me every second of every day that I am not worthy of love and empowerment, this show and the performers in it show me and remind me that isn’t so. Being surrounded by fellow fat activists is something I wish every fatty in the world could experience. Because you can just be yourself! You don’t have to defend or demand, there’s no need to hide or seclude yourself at all. Literally every person in the show already knows what all of those things feel like in a very real and visceral way.
Many of the people in the show I have known in some way or another for many years now. Performing in this show for the 6th year in a row is just mind blowing! Where did the time go?! Also, it still feels new. Okay, not all of it, but each performance is a new opportunity to show the world and more so the audience what fat bodies can do. Fat people can do anything! Period! Each year I look forward to the costumes and music and how it will all come together in the end and it’s all just a lovely organic process of a thing!
I don’t have much else to say about it, other than you should come next year! Or in October when they host their annual A Taste for Dance with a chocolate tasting/buffet! I sang in that show for the last two years…this year I am tempted to shoot for a solo dance number, but taking things one day at a time right now. You should still come! It is a special and wonderful show, each and every time! The powerful emotions you will experience are worth the ticket price alone! It is the most positive and empowering thing! But I digress…
So, here are some pics! Ha-ha!

I was really into this outfit and asked Tigress to snap a couple of pics for me.

Before the first performance!

Was trying to get a flirty-ish sneak peek sort of pic, oh well. 

Tigress ironed-on those letters backstage before dress rehearsal…You know you wanna buy one! 

Tigress’ costume was so effing cute!

C’mon! Amazing!

I wore this old af Eshakti dress for the curtain call the first night.


This was also Eshakti, 3 years old, a hi-low plaid dress that I’d only worn once. I wore for the curtain call at the second show.
You can see more of our costumes here:
More pics from the show:
We danced together to Jesse J’s “Queen” and if you haven’t heard it or watched the video, please don’t deprive yourself any longer! danced solo to “Bounce” By Calvin Harris Featuring Kelis:

Nope, we don’t have video of our dance number…you gotta buy a ticket to the show for that! Ha-ha!

I am eternally grateful to have access to the things that I do and the fat community here in the bay area. I am truly blessed to have such incredible humans in my life. When everything else in my life feels terrible, they make me feel like I matter, and that is a rare and special thing. To not only bare witness to their talents, skills, and beauty but to also share space, conversation and community with them is something I never could have even dreamed of. To share a stage, to be in the same fight, if you will, for fat liberation, is indescribably awesome and inspiring! Each of us individually prove that fat people can do anything, but together we are unstoppable!
Rad Fatty Love to ALL,


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