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Ahhh! Update time! I know…I know!!! So long!


So yeah, employment is rad. It’s a real thing! I has it! Ha-ha!

3 weeks of proper full time employment under my belt and it feels good. I won’t disclose where I work exactly, but I can tell you that I’m an administrative assistant on a business operations team for a San Francisco startup and I love it! Everyone is soooooo great! And maybe it’s just my way, if you will, but I swear everyone is so good looking, too! Ha!

I have been struggling with my own adjustment period as far as my body is concerned. I have a train commute which took awhile to figure out my best options for. And my body has not been kind to me or maybe me to it? I had the dance show my first week with rehearsals to boot. I was in so much pain pretty much constantly. This happens but the added stress of new job and commute was tough. While the walking distance from the train to my office isn’t bad at all (two city blocks), the overall stress of being in this big ass city can overwhelm at times. And I’m no newb to SF, but as a daily routine it’s a bit of a shock to the old system.

For one thing, everyone walks so fucking fast! Like, they will mow you down and never take their eyes from their phone screens! Zero kindness, manners or friendliness on the city streets out there, but I can hardly blame anyone when it smells like an open sewer all of the time! Whew! It’s okay in the train station but the moment I get off the train I get a big waft of Subway bread smells (not terrible per se but not great ether) and once at the crosswalk, sewer smells. Blegh! And everything is under construction! Nothing but gravel, construction equipment and giant steel plates everywhere with things barricaded or fenced off. It’s a small part of what I must walk through twice a day but it has an impact. And everything just feels super dirty and covered in grime. Like thick black greasy dust? I dunno…it’s just gross and I don’t know how anyone can wear flip flops or open toed shoes in the city but they do. I do not. And I am so over walking through people’s second hand smoke clouds.

Actually, my feet have been the worst! Random inexplicable swelling and near-constant pain in my left foot (underside, outer bit). I thought I had plantar fascia-itis (sp) at first, but now I don’t think so.  My knees were really terrible the first two weeks but have since improved. I’d been going to bed with ice packs for the last few weeks but finally didn’t need to as of Friday. Woo! Though I must be more careful about my back when moving furniture at work. Some things are harder to learn than others, I suppose.

Another big adjustment of course is just having an actual schedule again! Getting up at 6am and all has been not fun but it does force me to be more responsible about my bedtime. I’m still coming home so exhausted I can barely think let alone cook but I’m hoping this will improve as well.

I’m quite happy with the job itself and my team! My boss is so cool it’s unreal! By cool I mean she randomly caught the Buzzcocks live while on a business trip a week ago. *MindBlown* Like what?!?! Yeah, she’s amazing! My coworkers are rad and there’s always dogs running around the office. I’m very lucky to be there. I’m starting to remember why it is that I have the professional reputation that I do! I am still carrying and healing from all of the trauma from my last startup job. Ugh! I still have fucking nightmares about those assholes. When my awesome new coworker asked to see me in the hallway my stomach dropped! I thought to myself, “This is it! It was all a mistake and they want me gone asap!” but no, she just wanted to show me where some cool stuff was. Ha-ha!

I had really hoped to keep writing and posting here and maybe that will come. I have a couple of ideas but seriously I’m brain dead by the time I get home at night. I was also super mega hoping that I’d have like a stack of guest submissions to post to spread out the gaps and fill in with some rad fatty content (I seriously get so inspired by y’all!). Alas, that did not happen. Of course I do realize that this is my blog and my responsibility, but I also really miss the days of Tank Top Tuesday and other fun things folks would submit to post here.

So, please consider guest posting, submitting a pic for Tank Top Tuesday or a fashion thing or whatever! I’m open to nearly anything! So lay it on me! I dare ya! 😛

Rad Fatty Love,

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