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Adriana Varejao: Artist


Adriana Varejao changed my life! It’s no lie! I had always thought that the “art world” wasn’t for gals like me. I had no education, no exposure, no desire…nothin’! But then, one day my best friend and I decided to check out SFMOMA and when we got to the top level and checked out the “Ultra Baroque” exhibit…WOW!

I was mesmerized! I had no idea that art could look like this! I hadn’t seen anything like it ever! This was no Monet, or Van Gough or anyone else at all…This was Adriana Varejao!!!

Wiki: Adriana Varejão is a Brazilian artist who works in various disciplines including painting, sculpture, installation and photography. Born in 1964, she lives and works in Rio de Janeiro and is one of Brazil’s leading contemporary artists.[1] References to the effects of colonialism are apparent in her work as well as art history and illusion.[2] Her work is included in numerous collections worldwide, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York; The Tate Modern in London; and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego , among others. Her work alludes to expansion and transformation designed to address the complex constructions of cultural identity.[3]

Here are two that we saw at that specific exhibit:

For more pictures of her art, please go here:

I wish I could have found more, but these give an idea of what she can do. I had no idea that a painting could be 3-D so to speak. I had no idea that the grisly could be beautiful and captivating. She changed my life and my views and inspired me to no end. In fact, seeing these again after so many years, well…I am suddenly wanting to paint again!

What inspires YOU?

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“Adriana Varejao: Artist”

  1. On June 24th, 2010 at 5:56 pm Adriana Varejão Says:

    Thank you. It is for people like you that i work.

  2. On June 25th, 2010 at 7:17 am admin Says:

    Thank you for commenting. I am humbled and honored that you have found my blog.

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