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A Plus Size Review (+ Random Pics!)


First, I would like to thank those of you who have checked on me, reached out for support or to offer support and just the awesome people in my life who keep me going when I forget what the point of everything is. Thank you! I love you! <3

Second, well, I’m doing a bit better. These things (mental health), they come and go unpredictably and also uncontrollably much of the time. I’ve had a few good days and am doing  my absolute best to hang onto this goodness and ride it all the way out! Ha!

I have found that taking pics of randomness and sending them to friends (whether they’re interested in them or not Ha!) helps me feel more real, grounded, connected and so I have been trying to do more of that…Exhibit A:

Not sure why I felt the need to snap some selfies fresh out of the shower, but there it is, so, whatever.


Or this funny puggo who, wait…Does he think he’s babysitting that pig?! I think he does. It’s his favorite toy. *Shrugs*


After having to return nearly all of my recent Torrid order (was supposed to be for my birthday from myself) I treated myself to some comfy Payless loafers yesterday. The plaid ones are Airwalk slippers, the floral-sequin are shoes. Super comfortable! I usually wear an 8W but these are both just regular 8’s. Gotta love their endless BOGO, too!

And now I present to you my review of some plus size knee high socks from SockDreams!

It was the Harvest Rainbow that my beloved Raven bought (and then sent me a pic and insisted they would fit me) that got me excited to try And then a sweet reader-friend sent me a gift certificate out of the blue to lift my spirits and what a lovely surprise that was! Thank you again “T” you’re the sweetest thing! <3

Armed with my gift certificate and a coupon code (code: HauntedStockings for 20% off today 10/20 until midnight PST) I chose four pair of knee high socks from the plus size section (you still have to check each item’s description for measurements but they are there and accurate). They arrived last night and I couldn’t wait to see how they fit! (Click on an image to enlarge.)

For reference, my calves at their largest point measure 22 inches around, just 3 inches above my knee, my thigh measures 30 inches. I also wear a size 8c/w shoe.

The Extraordinary Harvest Rainbow Thigh High went on easy and kept going! The cuff at the top felt like it would go to my thigh, but when I let go it did, too. So I kept them at knee high level and they basically stayed at that point but the cuff kept wanting to fold or roll down. I might make or buy a sock garter for these, but I know I’ll probably only wear them at home so I’m not super worried about it. The colors are lovely!

The Dreamer Diamond Weave was hard to resist and so I totally didn’t! These are thinner and with a finer knit than the rainbow ones, but they stay up much better! I could see wearing these with skirts and boots or dresses or my pajamas! Ha-ha! I really like them. They look nice and feel pretty dang good. I will say that diamond pattern will change as it goes up your calves (see pic), the more it must stretch horizontally the more the pattern will follow.

The M45’s were the tightest and most difficult to get on. I had to really struggle to get it all the way up, but once there it wasn’t going to move! So that’s a good thing I guess. I love the weave of them and hope that they may stretch a bit over time. If not I could always slouch or fold them, no biggie. These would fit a 20 inch calf much better, I’d say. These would fit a larger foot nicely as it was a bit loose until pulled taught.

The Cotton Slouch Sock fit just great! I’m a 90’s gal and so these brought back memories of pegged jean cuffs and pastel slouchy socks from my youth. But these are way better since they go up to just under my knee and still scrunch nicely. These would fit a larger foot nicely as it was a bit loose until pulled taught. These would be great with leggings or boots or skirts or just my underwear! Ain’t no party like a solo undies party…with socks! Wooo! Ha-ha!

All in all I love my entire order! The socks were all very well made and of high quality fibers and weaves. I highly recommend SockDreams if you’ve not been able to find knee high socks for big calves previously, like myself. Fun colors and patterns but lots of basics, too. I have been eyeing their lacy ankle socks but will hold off for now. I can’t wait for the weather to cool off so I can rock these babies on the regular!

Watch out world, these chubby knees will be comin’ at ya! 😛

Thanks again to my fabulous readers and friends. I love hearing from folks from all over! It’s so wonderful to connect with folks and help/support one another. It warms my heart and puts a smile on my face.

Rad Fatty Love,

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