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5 Years?!


Wow, so, um, it seems that I missed my blog’s 5 year anniversary. Oops! 

Since I haven’t really been posting I am not sure what to say about this occasion. Yay?!
Gosh, I feel so weird about this now. I’ve been just trying to live moment to moment lately. I know writing will come back to me eventually but I feel at a complete loss with words lately. 
A little update:
I’m still the “Director of Happiness” at a big tech company in the silicon valley.
My “Special Geek” and I are still going strong (over a year now). He’s still the best thing to ever happen to me. *blush*
My puggyman is the sweetest little guy! He brightens my every single day. He’s my little Jester. 
I’ll be dancing with Tigress again in this year’s Big Moves show on June 14th & 15th at Laney College in Oakland.
Tomorrow is the big Fat Flash Mob 2014 in major cities all over the country (if you search youtube for fat flash mob 2014 you can see the tutorial/videos). 
I wore my first pair of wedges to work today…which is huge news! I haven’t worn anything with a heel in ages and certainly not to work. But I love these by Orthaheel:
  • And pretty much in love with this perfect red lipstick: Maybeline Super Stay 14 hour in Continuous Cranberry…which until now I’ve been calling “Cantankerous Cranberry” which says more about my mood most days than the color. Ha-ha! But I’d seen it on a girl at a meet up at work and she’d asked to use the restroom. I said to her, “Yes, of course. But only if you  tell me what that lipstick is you’re wearing!” and she did and I grabbed it  on Amazon and love the hell out of it!
    • Maybelline New York Superstay 14 hour Lipstick, Continuous Cranberry, 0.12 Ounce

      I’ve been watching Silicon Valley (Hilarious!) and lots of cartoons (Clarence, Regular Show, Adventure Time, Steven Universe). 

      I guess I haven’t been online much at all lately. I really only use Facebook for this blog, which feeds into my Twitter automatically (so if you follow one you don’t have to check both, I guess). I love reading about other fat activists and causes and other community stuff. Always into the positive stuff, but not much for me to say on the matter myself. 
      I ended up treating myself to the matching Kate Spade wallet after much insistence from my boyfriend. :P 
      I dunno what else to share. I mean, I’ve been struggling with social anxiety a lot, especially at work but I’ve worked really fucking hard to maintain a sense of outer composure, but I won’t lie…crying in the bathroom sometimes is good stress relief. Talking to a good friend on Voxxer everyday, mostly we just vent, helps so much, too!
      I’ve made a couple of work buddies, but it has been a bit rough lately.
      I think about this blog and you, the readers of it, often and hope you’re all well and happy in your own ways.
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