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25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!


In honor of this rad post and overall cool lady yokoono (her Tweets are fab) I would like to share 25 things about me that most people do not know. Also check out her web site:

1.) I may have completely fucked up my laptop today. I jumped up to help a customer who wanted a lemon-coconut bar (from Mariposa Bakery in Oakland) and when I slid open the pastry case my laptop, open cup of yogurt and eveything around it went flying into the air. Now, the yogurt wasn’t really near the laptop and they landed about a foot or two apart from each other, but I tell you the contents of said yogurt cup ended up all over my keyboard. This has left me with the top right corner of my keyboard sticky still, even after much cleaning. And I no longer have actual buttons for my “i” and period buttons. Boo! And I can’t find my mechanical pencil anywhere!

2.) If you read this blog you probably already know that I opened my very own cafe ( but you may not know that I only thought of the idea about 9 months ago and only after being laid off for the third time! I had just had it with corporate America and needed to do something on my own! Why this? I don’t honestly know. I mean, I love espresso! I wanted something that would encourage culture and creativity but also be a comforting and welcoming place for people of all walks of life.

3.) I’m fat! No, seriously…I am fat! I have no problem saying it or typing it because I live it! And you know what else? I have no known health problems. I eat a varied diet of regular foods, but I try to get things very fresh and unprocessed. But I’m not one to scoff at Taco Bell, either. I deal with fat prejudice on the daily, but it rarely phases me because I am happy with my life. There is nothing that I have wanted to do that my fat has prevented me from doing. That whole BS about if you’re fat you’ll never get married or find your soulmate? Yeah, total garbage!

4.) I’m test driving a used Prius tonight! I’m scared/excited! I hate to think of parting with so much of our savings, but seriously? I need a fuel efficient car! I love my Jeep like nobody’s business, but it’s not a commuter car! So the husband shall get it to drive the two miles to his job and I will hopefully be getting a used and very fuel efficient car! And the Prius? It has those gorgeous little carpool stickers!!!

5.) My favorite color changes daily! Today? Um, green! Like a lush and vibrant lime peel!

6.) I hated the color orange until I opened the cafe. Weird since I have red hair! The theme are the colors orange and green (for carrots, duh!). Now I own orange jewelry and even sneakers! And I love them!

7.) I no longer kill. Not that I was ever a mass murderer or anything, but I don’t even kill spiders or bugs. My only exception would be mosquitos, because they spread disease.

8.) I used to be terrified of spiders! I would freeze and and my breath would catch in my throat. It was awful. One day after reading a few books on acceptance-presence and such I told myself that they have just as much right to be alive and well as I do. Now I simply ask my wonderful husband to escort our 8 legged guest outside.

9.) Just now I caught a moth that was stuck in the cafe against the window. He couldn’t find his way out. So I scooped hm up and took him outside and you know what? He just chilled on my hand awhile enjoying the breeze with me before flying up & up & up & away!

10.) I don’t drink drip/brewed coffee. I am strictly an espresso-milk beverage gal. With soymilk, please!

11.) Ever since my honeymoon to Europe (Italy, France and Ireland) I cannot wait to go back! I daydream about it almost daily! Those cobblestone streets in Florence! The cappuccinos! The little shops on Paris’ small side streets! The gorgeous pallette of never-before-seen greens in Ireland (and the hospitalty)! Must go back!

12.) I also dream of Hana, Maui, Hawaii! My husband and I vacationed there a few years ago and it was the best vacation  had ever had in my life! It was so relaxing and comfortable in general. Hana is not like other Hawaiian destinations, it’s more secluded! The air is sweet and warm and even when it rains it’s so gentle. We have a large picture above our bed from that trip. It’s simply a photo fthe ocean-beach-trees, but it’s so vibrant and vivid…it reminds us everyday of our fantastic trip!

13.) I love animals! All of ’em (okay I have a few I actually hate)! My faves are cats, dogs, all of the big cats, manitees, norwhals, seals, red pandas, raccoons, hippos, otters…and SEAHORSES!!! I love them so much!

14.) Animals I hate: Spiny stars (they eat coral!), angler fish, mosquitos, cockroaches, scorpians (I’m a scorpio, too! Ha-ha!), killer whales/orca (they are f-d up, man!), komodo dragons…that’s all for now!

15.) Fanatical Right-Wingers scare the shit out of me! Seriously! I mean, if they believe half of the stuff they spout about? Woah! I am completely anti-censorship, but some of the things that are broadcast on FoxNews and the like? Just scary! Nightmarish! Their worlds are obviously very small.

16.) I didn’t vote for Obama. I voted for Cynthia McKinney and I don’t care who knows it! I just preferred her ideas and solutions.

17.) I wore the wrong size shoes for years without knowing it! I have size 8W feet and I was wearing 7’s for ages!

18.) I can’t stand lima beans! I can’t eat them, I gag! Now brussel sprout? YUM!

19.) I dream of being on the food network in my own show of some unknown subject. I would love it if I could really hone my barista skills and compete on food network! Oh man, so cool! Or, you know, anything where I could meet Iron Chef Morimoto! He’s so hawt! Or Alton Brown, he’s every food geek’s hero!

20.) I love electronics! Yet I hate reading manuals. But stereos are my fave! All of those components? *sigh*

21.) I’ve never had a nickname.

22.) I’m rediscovering the art of albums by listening to them in their entirety. You know, like the old days! I even bought a turntable!

23.) I secretly still wanna be a rockstar! I want to front an all-fat-girl band with the energy and quiet-coolness of the Ramones but with the fierceness of The Gossip and the beats of Portishead. Just sayin’! You know, if you’re out there and you’re a shy fat girl who plays an instrument…email me!

24.) I still love my birthday! I am not one of those gals who hates aging (anymore! and it was just the one year, for some reason not being 19 was a major problem for me). I like to treat myself and have a blast with friends. This year will be truly special as I got us tickets to see The Gossip (my current fave band) that night! Cannot wait!

25.) I sometimes miss the steady cycle of recognitions and awards that went along with my old corporate job. I worked with some pretty rad people and I miss that so much. It’s pretty lonely here at the cafe. But she’s all mine and I love her! (Why am I calling my cafe “her”?)

COMMENT!!! What do you think of my random things? Can you relate? Think I’m nuts? Tell me about it! =0)

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