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My guests this time were Brenda & Julie of Do check it out!

The post we were talking about “Double Double Featurette”

We talked about her friend Psycho Sue’s Blog: Sew Misunderstood-Fashion for Wayward Girls

Brenda’s Skirt tutorial!

Road to Wellville Trailer

This is the Etsy shop I got my “Know Fat Chicks” button!

Post on the LiveJournal Community Fatshionista about activism and grass roots ideas

My post with the business card that has a positive body message.

You Are Beautiful

Scene from Heathers that Brenda quotes:

Call For detroit Area Atists, Speakers and Crafters!

Thursday, January 20, 2011 at 11:30pm – Friday, January 21, 2011 at 12:00am

Location Submit Application to:

Created By

More Info
What: BODYSLAM! Poetry Jam & Storytelling

Where: The Trumbullplex, 4210 Trumbull St., Detroit, MI, 48208

When: February 19th, 2011 6-11pm

Love Your Body Detroit will be holding its first ever fundraiser and we need your help to make it a huge success! We are looking for speakers for our main show a poetry jam and storytelling session that will be happening on the main stage.

Poetry / Stories can be related to but are not limited by,
• Fat phobia / hatred
• Ethnic or racial diversity
• Appearance based oppression
• Eating Disorders
• Body Image
Basically anything that will make us think critically about our bodies or how it feels to live in yours! Submissions should be at a maximum 10 minutes in length and emailed in a word document to the address below. Please also include your name, contact information, and a short personal bio.

Artists or vendors:
We are also looking for body positive artists / craft vendors who’s work shows size, racial or ethnic diversity through any form of media.
Please send the following in a word document,
• Name / Business
• Contact Info
• Kind of Work / Products you sell
• Links to examples of your work
**Crafters who make clothing and wish to participate should make sure their clothing sizes are just as diverse as the people in attendance. Also vendor fees will be on a donation basis only, if you wish to give we will love you for it!

Participant Submission Deadline: 1/20/11
Submit Application to:

Busy, Holidays, Sanity, Relationships: My Tips to Help!


We’re all busy people just struggling to keep our own minds together lately and then lo and behold: The holiday season arrives! UGH! How do you maintain the relationships you have and even nurture new ones? Plus, everyone’s broke as a joke and the immediate challenge of the holidays is heartbreaking. These have helped me and my own sanity lately:

  • Tell someone you love them, out of the blue, unprompted and do not expect a response. Just do it!
  • Smile & say, “It’s so good to see you!” and mean it, every time!
  • Send someone a thank you note once a week. Even if it’s for something silly or seemingly unimportant. (Handmade is best.)
  • Hug someone you would normally give a handshake to. Just throw yourself around them (not in a creepy way, please) with love.
  • Offer a helping hand to a stranger or acquaintance. Especially if they haven’t asked.
  • Host a holiday card making party! Tell your friends/family/neighbors to bring their own decorations, glues, glitter, etc and you’ll supply the card stock. Double points if you make it a potluck, too! Get one of those plastic party tablecloths to protect your table. (If you can’t afford this or your living arrangement makes this impossible, consider teaming up with someone else or make postcards instead. Tip: Buy cheap postcards at a drugstore or thrift shop and just redecorate the front.)
  • Host an indoor picnic! Everyone brings something, very informal and you don’t need a better excuse to enjoy some cheap wine & cheese!
  • Write a friend a letter. It doesn’t have to be long or well thought out, just grab some paper and tell them about your day or write a haiku or something. They will enjoy the arrival in their mailbox and cherish the thought that you were thinking of them.
  • Email someone once a week to tell them you’re grateful to know them even if you’re not in touch as much as you’d like to be.
  • Go to the web sites of all of your favorite places (restaurants, craft stores, anything!) and sign up for the email list! You’ll get crazy-good coupons and can always invite a friend when it’s BOGO time!
  • Hate walking your dog alone at night in the cold? Buddy up with a neighbor or check out your local meet up group! You can take turns making cocoa or tea!
  • Sign up for Google Voice so you can give one phone number out without having to give out any of your actual phone numbers! Saves time, safer and you can even have your voice mail messages transcribed and sent to your email! Sweet!

Do you have a sanity saving tip? Tell me all about it! <3

Rad Fatty Blog Alert: Sew Misunderstood


Beej, of, suggested this blog and I love it both as a fat and as a beginning seamstress/DIY/crafty-gal! I was quietly catching up on some recent posts when I came across this one and just WOW & YES! More, please?! Ha-ha! I am falling for “Psycho Sue” and cannot wait for more fun sewing tips and “Fatshion for Wayward Girls!”

Fail: Woman Within “Plus Size Living”


Last night when I got home from work I grabbed the mail as per usual. I had gotten two catalogs and some ads and headed upstairs. Later that evening as we were winding down and nearly ready for bed I started flipping through these catalogs. One of that furniture company C2B, mega-cute stuff, but hella pricey! Then I grabbed the Woman Within catalog not realizing it wasn’t clothing within.

The first pages were full of wider and more weight bearing office chairs and their accessories. “Cool!” I thought, having bought an office chair last year (a Herman Miller used for $20, I love craigslist) I knew it can be tough with wider ass/hips. I hadn’t thought of finding one through Woman Within! Page 7 had all of these gorgeous & wider chairs! With notations like “500 LB capacity” and more…Loved them! Showed my hubby a gorgeous silver tufted chair that I long for! So cute! I continue to flip through ogling the various home furnishings and such. I genuinely thought it was super cool to have these options for more weight bearing things like bed frames and chairs and wider desks and such.

On page 57 my eyes are suddenly hit with diet books! WTF?! Look, I was fine with the exercise videos and equipment, but I don’t need to see Jillian Michaels smug-mug smiling back at me with that smirk of judgment! More diet books on the next page and then a short reprieve with some cook books and such. I do love cookbooks. Ha!

I get towards the back of the catalog and I’m finding kitchen things like pots & pans, juicers and blenders, storage containers and things. Cool! Then I get to page 71 and my disappointment grows. “Biggest Loser” products! Food scales, body scales, Mini Grills, steamers and more. Now I’m fed up & tired and am too angry at this catalog to even chat about it with the hubby. UGH!

Why is this all a big fail for me? Because here I was fairly stoked about the pretty chairs and mobility helping items and think that was pretty dang cool, more options for fats! Then I get hit with the typical bullshit about dieting, weight, etc! NO THANKS! I was feeling good until they threw all of that in there. I mean, let’s just say for one second that dieting works (That is hilarious!) why would I buy your bigger chairs and things if I’m still buying into the fantasy of becoming thin? I wouldn’t! Hello? Ya hear me? I would not buy that stuff because I would somehow still be buying into the thin myth! Please keep this shit out of my catalog and perhaps I’ll buy one of your gorgeous chairs one day. Yes? Thanks.

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