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So Good


What a lovely weekend I had! I mean, I’ve had a rough couple of weeks and this weekend was just what I needed. Firstly, I’m house sitting for my boss. It’s kind of awesome. It almost feels like a vacation, only with chores and you know, I work in the house usually. It’s a woodsy-garden setting and it’s so quiet at night. I’ve been enjoying watching “Girls” and some movies on her amazing entertainment system.

More so, it’s been lovely having wonderful company. Thursday night, my first night house sitting, I had a guy I thought I liked come over, but I don’t think I like him at all anymore. Funny that. Nothing bad happened or anything, just…meh. But Friday some friends and I went to see Jery’s show Sugar, based on the old comedy “Some Like It Hot” and it was a hoot and a half! Jery was, as always, shining brighter than the rest and really impressed me with both his dance moves (in heels no less) and vocal styling. Also, the show was hilarious.

Saturday I got to hang out with some awesome friends during the day and watched “Wreck It Ralph” in 3D at their place. Ohmigosh! Fantastic movie! So cute, so funny, so great! After we watched this super cute-sweet animated short, “Paperman” and well, I was all swept up in the romantic nature of it all…aaaaand looking forward to (and super nervous) about my third date with a certain somebody. *Blushes*

I’d invited him over for a home cooked meal and a good old fashioned viewing of “Trainspotting” (Ha-ha!) and well, I haven’t cooked for a date before. I was all caught up in looking cute and then had to worry about food turning out, too?! I am so silly, I tell ya. But it all turned out perfectly, I think. We talked, a lot, watched the movie and all of the extras (geek out!) and talked some more. We had some lovely wine and laughed a bit, too.

It was such a great evening that I didn’t really want it to end, but end it did and on a wonderful note, too. 😉 I couldn’t stop smiling! I was wide awake and couldn’t bare the thought of trying to go to sleep by then. When I went to my room to fuss about I realized that I’d completely forgotten to grab clothes for the next couple of days. Oops! So, after chatting online with a beloved friend, I decided I’d go home and sleep in my own bed (woo!) and come back in the morning to tend to the chickens.

I made the right choice, I slept well and took my time getting ready the next morning. No matter how much I say I just want to get away, one’s own bed will always be the greatest comfort. Okay, I’m sort of in love with my Tempur Pedic. And since it’s only a 15 minute drive back (well, on weekends) it was no problem at all to come back to the house, sort out the chickens and relax with my coffee and muffin. Ahhh!

(How cute is this Fat Cat Moscato? It’s quite sweet, but good. And the Bordeaux he brought for dinner was surprisingly lovely. I’m not usually a red drinker. Also, if you click on the photos you can see the full shot.)

And here’s what I wore, because some will wonder or ask. 😉 My $15 Avenue dress from a few years back now, not sure where I got the red sweater hoodie thingy, I think at a clothing swap? I removed the tag, so no clue. The shoes were from Payless, adorable canvas slingbacks with bows on the toes. And the necklace was made my a lovely reader of this very blog and gifted to me a bit over a year ago (you may remember the other one she sent me, the doll). I don’t know why I hadn’t worn this one out and about yet. I know I used to dislike gold, but I have these beautiful ginko leaf earrings to go with it now and I loved the pairing.

Sunday was spent almost entirely indoors due to the rain and a general feeling of just needing to. I watched the last couple of episodes of the second season of “Girls” and then a few of my favorite movies of all time. I had some very delicious pizza and very cheap wine and had a great day/evening. I cranked up Pandora and danced about the house in my socks a bit, too. All in all, fabulous!

I have a lot going on in the coming weeks and I hope to simply stay grounded, grateful and hopeful. The right things will come into my life at the right time. I must remember this. I am so lucky to have such amazing and supportive friends. I would not be the person I am today without them. 🙂


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