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Salad Days


It took awhile! For the first time today I finally heard the weight loss talk at the cafeteria at work. I say finally because let’s face it, it’s inevitable. Luckily, it was not directed towards me and I can’t be sure that it was meant for my “benefit” either. I actually think it was just a gal trying to make small talk with the server helping her, but who knows?! The girl in question could not have weighed more than 110 lbs, but does that even matter? She also admitted to not exercising…at all. Yet she insisted that she have certain things in her salad (the station I was in line for, beside her in fact) because they are “known fat burners”.

I can’t help but wonder, would she burn me? I mean, my body, on first site, is mostly fat, no? So, would she want me to burn all of my fat? Who can say. She wouldn’t make eye contact with me, I even smiled. I originally tried to make eye contact because I wanted to know the brand of boots she was wearing, but upon hearing her chit chat about fat I decided it wasn’t worth it. I knew I was just in the mood, and already biting my tongue, to say something in response to her fat burning nonsense.

What was a bit of a surprise was the the server didn’t skip a beat, “Well, you gotta eat more peppers and…” I stopped listening at that point. I did all I could not to make faces (eye rolling, barf-y ones) because I know I typically have little control over my expressions and they can be misread, though certainly not in this instance. Ha! I wanted so badly to say, “Wow! You’re so wrong and this entire conversation is offensive!” but you know I said nothing. I just didn’t wanna start that shit at work, I guess. Well, that and I’m hella tired and hungry and oh look it’s my turn to get my salad made, yay!
Part of me had wished I was wearing my hoodie with the “Fat” heart pin on it (it’s plaid flannel in blues with Fat in black curly cursive), but it wouldn’t have made a difference. It may have made me feel more bold, perhaps, but little else for sure. I don’t know, I guess I expected better from the people here. I don’t know why, so far friendliness has begun to feel like an odd quirk that I have and few others recognize. Silly tech culture stuff.
I feel like a weirdo here, but it doesn’t really bother me. I work hard and do a good job and only got a talking to once when I forgot what day it was and didn’t have something checked on time. No biggie. I really had no idea how physically demanding my new job would be. I’m managing and trying to treat myself right when I get off work everyday. This week has been particularly brutal for a number of reasons. Yesterday I was so sad for no apparent reason and just so tired from all of the strenuous work.
Last night when I got home I jumped in the hot shower to ease my sore muscles and get ready for a dinner date with my boyfriend. I had to make a very conscious effort to shake off my woes and get ready. All I wanted to do was collapse. But the boyfriend cheered me up and had me laughing all night with his charm and witty humor! By the time I got back home and tried to get ready for bed I was too damned happy to sleep! Ha-ha!
I’m feeling much better today, though no time not to, really. So much to do, so little time to get it all done. I’m rolling with the punches and constant changes buzzing around me and it’s all very exciting, but I’m thinking I might want a more calm or relaxing weekend than I’d originally planned. Tomorrow night shall be fun, though!
Tomorrow some friends are meeting me at this historical/haunted house (like the legit kind, not people jumping out at you) for a tour and then to my favorite Chinese restaurant and then back to my place for merriment! I’m so excited! Mostly just to see my friends and hang out and catch up with them. I feel like I’ve been away or something, but no, just working.
Tomorrow I will be 36! How exciting and odd that feels! I feel so young and so old (sometimes) simultaneously. I figure so long as I keep doing what I’m doing and stay active and happy that I shall live a very long life indeed and that excites me, too! I often grumble about being a “grown up” and all of the bullshit that goes along with it, but you know, it ain’t all bad! I mean, I pretty much get to do whatever the hell I want! What I want usually involves something silly or geeky or hilarious and that is the spice of life, folks. 🙂
So, cheers to you! Rad Fatty Love to ALL!
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“Salad Days”

  1. On October 24th, 2013 at 12:19 pm rija Says:

    De-lurking to say happy birthday!

  2. On October 24th, 2013 at 12:51 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    Rija: Oh yay! Thank you! And thank you for de-lurking! 😉

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