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Poignant & Funny: Janeane Garofalo!


From “John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show” of Janeane Garofalo’s recent appearance:

At one point (The 8 Minute Mark-ish) she starts going off about is it even possible to have people who were born in 1991. Then she really hit home for me talking about all of these “kids” (teens really), generating all of this web content and how scary that is that this entire generation of people somehow lacks the self-hatred she/we grew up with. This has stuck in my mind for awhile. I cannot imagine not going through that phase or simply not having that built-in critic. What would I have done? Or more, what could I have done? Wow!
Also, I had completely forgotten how awesome and amazingly funny she is! I used to love love love her! She is the main reason I loved “Reality Bites.” Then she went sort of coo coo for awhile and I sort of checked out, too I guess. This appearance she did truly made me fall for her all over again. I wish she would do more stand up!

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