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I’ll Take Zenni Over “Jenny” Anytime!


I’m talking about! I have ordered from them previously to mixed results, but this time? I think I got it down! Part of the issue for me was measuring my already perfectly comfortable frames and finding something similar in size/shape. I’ve had some pretty weird sizing issues with this before. I’m not used to millimeters, so yeah, it can be tricky.

That and sometimes getting your prescription from your doc can be difficult. I got mine and it hasn’t changed in ages. Because of this I don’t feel the need to get an exam every single year (but if you’re eyes are still changing or it’s been awhile, do get an exam soon). However, if you want new glasses you have to have a current and actual prescription. Which I think is BS! It’s a scam, dudes. For real! I went to Walmart last night and happened upon their $8 frames section. I was elated to find TWO pair I LOVED! So I took them to the counter to inquire about lenses. First they require a recent, within one year, prescription. Then it’s $129+ for lenses, per pair! Fuck that! When I can get bad ass specs for $20?! Puleeeez!

So last week I got the word on a Buy 2 get 3rd free thing on and just HAD to try! Now, it is a tad risky, I will say. Their return policy is not so mega flexible. But hey, when they’re this cheap, it’s a temptation I cannot resist! And so, I bought three pair! Woot! I was nervous about it at first, but just went ahead anyway. I mean, $70 for THREE PAIR?! When I’ve previously spent $300 for one or two?! C’mon!!! And with that, I give you my fab purchase pics…aka, look at my mug! Ha-ha!

So here’s moi with my regular old JCP “grape juice” glasses I’ve had for ages:

Here’s the Red ones I got from Zenni:

Here’s the fun purple-bubbly ones from Zenni:


And I think my fave this go-’round, these fun black/multi ones from Zenni:




Bummer, I just ordered them last week, got them on 3/15 and they’re already GONE!
But if you must have them here’s the Item# 486417 and they were only $19 originally.

230218 Stylish Plastic Full-Rim Frame
$15.95 originally
597117 Stainless Steel Full-rim Frame
$29.95 originally
I did pay for the anti-reflective coating on all of these because not doing that drives me crazy and I’ve regretted it every time.
So I say damn the man! Get your own specs and cheap! I also recommend as they have been fabulous!
I’m quite pleased with these and while my original intention was to get Brown frames, uhhh…oops! I love these though!
Yay Zenni! Fuck “Jenny!” Ha-ha!
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“I’ll Take Zenni Over “Jenny” Anytime!”

  1. On March 19th, 2012 at 8:57 am maggiemunkee Says:

    i have had the same pair of glasses for six years. the poor things are falling apart. i have been looking at zenni for two years now. i am very strongly considering taking the plunge. i think i might need higher index lenses which cost a bit more, but… damn. WANT.

    i want some of the clear acetate ones so i can feel like my glasses are not competing with my eye makeup.

    okay, so maybe signing up for their emails are not a bad idea. i didn’t realize they did sales.

    thank you for posting about this!

  2. On March 19th, 2012 at 10:23 am Not Blue at All Says:

    maggiemunkee: I paid for the higher index lenses on one pair of mine, just to see. I couldn’t tell a big difference, but my prescription is pretty light. I want some clear ones, too! Which ones are you eyeing? I didn’t see any I had to have, but this recent purchase gave me such goodness I may have to get more more more! Ha-ha! =0)

  3. On March 19th, 2012 at 1:26 pm maggiemunkee Says:

    i’ve been wanting item #228123. there is another frame that is clear with stars, but they have been sold out of the larger size for some time now. ah well.

  4. On March 19th, 2012 at 2:00 pm erylin Says:

    i also reccomend now i hve super bad eyesite so i pay for the ultra light lenses and the anti scratch caoting…and mine were like 50 but still. usually i pay over 200

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