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The Art of: A Neighborhood Walk


We don’t live in the quietest neighborhood, or even the safest, but we like it. This past Saturday we decided to go for a walk (I wanted to pick some fresh lavender I knew of). Armed with mini scissors, a tiny paper bag (both for the lavender), the camera and an open mind we headed out. It was brisk, but nowhere near full-on cold (it is California after all).
The first thing that grabbed my attention was this knot in a tree:
Knot + Battery
See that little silver circle in it? It’s a AA Battery! Weird!
I liked the first knot so much I snapped a shot of the tree’s next to it:
I loved the color of this flower:
Nothing special I realize, but simplicity is what I’m all about these days. We kept coming across these little patches of this plant:
We weren’t entirely sure if it was a weed or simply a more invasive species trying to gain more territory.
A Super tall Palm Tree!
Palm Tree
This one yard had many beautiful cacti:
What is this?
Mystery Stuff
Oh, okay:
Scary Palm
Uh, huh:
Palm 1
It’s a small palm tree!
Palm 2
All of this beauty and wonder of nature in a four block radius! Sweet! Who knew? I encourage everyone to take a short walk in their neighborhood sans the iPod and just see what’s around. You’ll be surprised!

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