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The Ultimate Fat Lineup!


When I first started to go to fat events it was mostly just meet ups and the occasional clothing swap or shopping. It took me a few years before I attended more organized events. The first fat event that blew me away so completely that I couldn’t stop smiling for days after was “Go Big or Go Home” by Big Moves Bay Area. The show itself was so put together, but it was the feeling of witnessing something so special and honest and amazing that stuck with me! That first major event featured the Phat Fly Girls, Rubenesque Burlesque and Raks Africa! Talk about a triple threat?! Ha-ha! And my first encounter of Marilyn Wann in the flesh! I also had the pleasure of meeting Carol Squires that evening through sheer happenstance; my friends and I asked her to take our photo during intermission. Little did we know that she used to be a portrait photographer (and a member of the Fat Lip Readers)!

Life changing stuff, folks! Inspiring and empowering and moving and just fan-fucking-tastic! I mean, that was also the first time I’d gone strapless in public! Wow! That was nearly two years ago! Now I own like four or five strapless dresses! Ha-ha! I later attended “Queer.Fat.Political” in San Francisco and discovered the Fat Lip Readers and witnessed so radical a group of women that I was humbled and inspired. Standing in that room (I was video taping) and just soaking in all that was around me? It was like a bolt of feminist-fat lightening went through me. I walked away changed, for the better, forever. Never before had I felt such a sense of responsibility to carry the torch, as it were, that these women lit so many years ago and truly set the bar high. Their activism was to me the truest sense of the word. They put their necks out to improve the lives of fat people everywhere. I was honored to be in their presence.

A few months later Big Moves Bay Area hosted “Fatdance: What A Feeling” again featuring the Phat Fly Girls, Rubenesque Burlesque and Raks Africa…and this time hosted by Marilyn Wann and Amy Benson. It was fantabulous! You just can’t be around these amazing women and not get inspired! At the very least you’ll walk away laughing and smiling. There is something so powerful about witnessing someone doing whatever it is that they are passionate about. I don’t have a word for it. It always makes me want to dance again. I do dance, but I just can’t very often. At least not until my knee is sorted out. I had the please that same weekend of attending Marilyn’s b-day party and WDAL fundraiser. Talk about awesome fatty party times?! So fun!!!

I took these experiences as sort of a template or outline for how I wanted Fatty Affair to be. I didn’t want to copy anyone or anything, but these events had such an impact on me and I knew that good feeling just needed to be spread around! That was the point of all of it for me, to have a good time and to connect people and create a stronger community. The first person I asked to speak was Marilyn, of course! If you’ve never had the joy of having a fat-related conversation with her, well, it’s great! It’s this fantastic free flowing exchange of ideas. It’s what all creative types need. It’s what all activists need. It was absolutely what I needed on both of those fronts! She had tons of ideas and plenty of experience in participating and attending such fat events all over the world. I was delighted when she agreed to speak and pleased that she was excited about it, too.

Not being a professional anything at all, I stumbled a bit when I first tried to get people to perform at Fatty Affair. I wasn’t clear in communication and while still running the cafe, sucked at follow up! Once further details and apologies were worked out, the rest of the lineup came together nicely. The last person I asked was my BFF Jery. I don’t know why…I always feel like he “has better shit to do” (gee, wonder why that is? Ha-ha!) or whatever, but I did and he accepted. It wasn’t until two nights before the event that we actually got together and nailed down a timeline for it. I know, we live in the same building and can’t seem to sync our schedules! Ha-ha! But it worked out just fine.

And here is where I use every ounce of restraint I have in me to not gush over Linda Bacon PhD not only accepting my invitation to participate/speak at Fatty Affair, but that she did so after receiving paid offers on the same day! She says it was for purely selfish reasons, that she needed to be around our positive community, to be re-energized. Can’t say that I blame her. It was yet another life changing experience for me and for many others. Everyone who helped, participated, performed or spoke was so fantastic! I seriously could not have imagined it going better than it actually did!

It was a success because of so many passionate individuals who worked together and helped pull this whole thing off! A special thank you and shout out to Raven Eagan and Amanda Evans! Raven was my boy scout and pressure valve while Amanda was the genius who took over the bake sale for me and really made it shine!


Amanda & Marilyn (Belly Bump!)

Raven & Jeanette: Babin’!

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about: The FATshion!!! <3

Fatty Affair: So Many Feelings!


It is so difficult to put into words just how I am feeling right now. It’s the Sunday afternoon, after Fatty Affair. If I told you it wasn’t nerve wracking and worse beforehand, well, don’t believe it for a second! But now? Now that it’s all over and done with? I’m in this love overdose afterglow! I feel sort of like a blissed-out version of a hangover. It’s surreal. It’s magical. It’s overwhelming! I am so full of love and positivity! I feel floaty and dreamy and inspired.

So many things fell apart and came together right up until the moment before it began (and even after and during). I felt a bit out of control. I felt guilty for sort of “checking out” of life the last couple of weeks. There were some surprises and disappointments. In the end it all found this incredible harmony and was a total blast! It was a big fat positive party, y’all! My nearest and dearest were there (with one exception, but I love ya P) and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more supported and cared for in my life!

Truth: I was so stressed to the max before we’d even gotten things set up. I was shaking! I was on the verge of a panic attack. This little fact, or the fact that I have had a few of said attacks previously, frightens people and maybe even challenges their idea of me. But I always manage to come through it better off somehow. I know that I need to get better at asking for help when I need it. I did a lot of that. I did some serious delegating, too! This is such an improvement for me already. Some friends really stepped things up and brought not only my stress level down, but made the event the true success that it was.

That I was able to make something I’d only dreamed about become a reality is still boggling my mind, but I know that I could not have done it without the help, love and support of my friends and the fat community itself. It is the thing that energizes me and inspires me and keeps me going. It is for the fat community that I did this. It is my way of giving back the love that has been given to me over the years. The community that gave me my love of style and fashion again. The community that gave me back my confidence! The community that gave me the strength to open my own business and become an activist and writer and so much more! I would not be the gal I am today without it!

A commenter mentioned recently that I sound like I am more alive than ever. I agree completely. I am more alive! I am more keenly aware of the world around me. I am more present and playing a more active role in my own life! It is a powerful thing. I have found that it is only when I stick my neck out, stand up and out, and most importantly get outside of my comfort zone that these amazing things and incredible people come into my life. I urge to to look around and choose for yourself to follow your passions and shove fear aside!

Had I let fear hold me back, Fatty Affair would not have happened. My cafe would never have happened. I would not be wearing dresses again…oh so many pretty dresses! I wouldn’t even think of attempting to write a book! No, fear can go fuck itself in a cold, dark corner! I’m through with fear. I’m through with my inner critic and I am learning to embrace my own vitality and awesomeness! Because “‘To dance or not to dance?” Should never be the question!” and not giving a damn what other people think of me is such a weight lifted from my soul!

I have never been so moved, touched, loved and supported in all of my life. This feeling is beyond words. The people I met and hugged and belly bumped yesterday have changed my life! The work was worth it because of them. The difficult choices I have had to make are all the more clear to me now and why I had to make them.  I feel nearly invincible. I have no fear of an ego growth though, this was not the fruits of the labor of one. No, this was a village effort! This was a tribal celebration! This was what fat liberation/acceptance/pride means to me!

I want you all to know, the many that could not attend the event due to various reasons and circumstances: You were right there with me! You were holding me up and making me smile! I pretty much smiled for five hours straight!!! Ha-ha! It was for you that I strutted my stuff on the “catwalk” and shimmied and danced! It was in your honor that I wore what I wore and said what I said. You give me so much and I want you to know that I am feeling it! I am accepting it! And I am loving it! <3

*You can pretty much count on this entire week being about Fatty Affair! More pictures to come, too, lovelies!

I Know The Secret…


I know the secret to being hot shit! Anyone can do it, it’s easy if you try, just get on our on the dance floor and let that shit fly! Okay, sorry…but it’s true! I think the big secret to being sexy, to feeling sexy, to being seen as sexy? You just gotta believe it! Be it! And if you’re not there yet? Fake it until you are! I’m serious!

I don’t care if you don’t know how to dance a certain way or if you’re not usually the type to dance, we all have this inner dance, like a happy dance or a hearty frolic! A jig! Whatever it is you do or shake or shuffle when you feel awesome! THAT! That is what makes you sexy! Well, no…you’re already sexy! YOU ARE ALREADY SEXY AS HELL!  You may not be able to see it through the bullshit society piles on us all, but it’s there and you are! When you believe it, when you walk with a strut or hold your head high or smile easily, that is sexy as hell!

When you are doing things for you, and only you? When you are in the zone and being the truest form of you? Nothing can stop it, you’re hot! Now own it! Flaunt it! Rock it! Wear it on your sleeve or tucked into your back pocket, but work that shit out! Dance it or shake it or find a way to exude that energy inside of you! Find a pleasureful movement and do it often! Crank up the tunes and pump up the jams! Find your theme song! Choose your mantra! Scream and shout it!

Because you fucking deserve to feel fantastic everyday! You are worth so much and wasting time on hating yourself or others is only holding you back! Step outside of your comfort zone, do something completely new! Find the funny story in an awkward situation and celebrate it! Do something silly or awesome? Shout, “Revoloosh!” and hold up a fist! And laugh your ass off! Laughing is required! Silly is necessary! Smiling is life! Belly bump! Hip bump! Whatever!

We’re all so serious these days, but having fun is fucking free! Feeling good is free and it tastes like freedom! And nothing tastes as good as rocking out to your own beat, babies! I love you all! <3

Fats In Winter Wear!


Since many parts of the world are getting colder right now I thought why not try something different than the old Tank Top Tuesday posts and go in the opposite direction: Winter Wear! I also hope to do a coat shopping guide/options post soon.  Please see below for information on how you can submit your own pics and info for future posts. Thanks.


This week’s submission comes from my good friend Robin! Woo hoo!

These were from last winter. It was so nice at the snow! I don’t have a philosophy or anything I am just happy with who I am flaws and all! ;0)


Thanks Robin! You know I love you, gurl! <3

I am taking submissions from anyone who wants to participate in “Fats in Winter Wear” posts! Email your pics here:, please include the name you’d like in the post, a blog or etsy shop you wanna plug, your thoughts on winter wear or other fatty philosophies. Have fun with it!

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Open to Possibilities


I think we sometimes get so caught up in our day to day lives that we tend to compress our hopes and dreams into very specific things. Sometimes we focus so much on what our dreams are that we forget that they may take a different shape or form. I know that this has been true for me. But after selling the cafe I was suddenly faced with, well, everything! I felt free of the stress and burdens of small business ownership and suddenly anything seemed possible! And nothing has proven this to me more than my new job.

I now work for and so far I love it. I never would have imagined taking a part-time position, but it feels quite liberating to me. It was all so unexpected. But I think it’s a good fit and I have many ideas for the future. So far 2012 (Woo!) has shown me the possibilities that are just waiting for me to take a bite out of in this world. I love that! I love being surprised by life in positive ways. I feel great because of it.

I’d been struggling with my knees for a few months now, but the funny thing is after NYE, despite the dancing and drinking, the next day my knees felt fine! No more pain! And the pain hasn’t returned! It’s like a NYE miracle or something. How is it that I drank as much as I did and danced way more than planned and ended up feeling BETTER the next day?! Ha-ha! It seems impossible, but it happened. Saturday was rough, actually, because I’d been limping from the pain in my left knee. Even walking the red carpet into the club that night I had a limp. I don’t know what happened, but I am so fucking grateful that it did!

I have a new found (or re-found) lust for life and a desire to get to know people on a deeper level. I want to maintain the relationships I have and meet new people and just keep doing that. I feel that this human connection we all share is the spice of life and is what keeps me going. It’s when I hide myself away that I grow depressed and afraid of the world. No more! But I will also listen and trust my body and if I feel the need to cloister, I will without guilt or shame. Because self-care should take precedence. We cannot help or care for others when we neglect our own health and well-being.

Though it’s only just begun, 2012 (Woo!) has already been a hundred times better than that last year. I felt at many times that I couldn’t go on or that things were simply hopeless. And here we all are on the other side and things are getting better, slowly but surely! And I believe in my heart that if I love with my whole self and treat people with love instead of judgment then life will show my proper path to whatever it is that I am meant to do. I feel it, like it’s on the horizon or the tip of my tongue…

Open yourself to possibilities and opportunities no matter what shape they may take and you will surprise yourself at what you can accomplish! Don’t let fear hold you back. Lose the shame and guilt and just enjoy yourself as yourself and just be you! Think about beliefs or thoughts you’ve long held to be true and re-examine them and how you feel about them now. Doing just that has lead me to some fun adventures and heartfelt discussions. Love those!

Take care of you, babies! I love you all! <3

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