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Okay, so on the “Snark” thing, I don’t really want to snark about anything specific, I am just still sleepy and a tad cranky and I just love the word “Snarky!” Ha-ha!

I love this: Your Permission Slip From The Universe

Randomly, I typed “Fat Acceptance” into google and the only ad on the page: Feminist Therapy Associates

Did you know,I Have An Etsy Shop?

It took me awhile to find him, but this used to be the blogger/founder of Fabulon! J’adore! <3 Thombeau!

A friend told be about Questionable Content and now I am obsessed! You have to read it from the beginning. It’s magical! And this sums up how I felt on Saturday night:

Awkward Zone Print

My friend Jery has a fab blog about our local arts scene, theater, movie reviews and so much more. He does a podcast, too! Check it out here

What do you like to read about on Twitter? I’ve been on Twitter for years, but rarely use it. I follow too many people to keep up with, but I do enjoy it now. Before I just sort of ignored it. I enjoy posting things, but would love to know what people are looking for there. Thanks!

Have you heard of Current T.V.? One of my fave channels and a lot of viewer generated content. YAY!

I have had the pleasure of getting to know this amazingly talented artist, Carmen Reid. She was at first a customer at my cafe and now a good friend. She is a freelance graphic designer and enjoys taking on new and funky projects. Need her help? Find her here! I also feature some of her paintings in my cafe.

Looking for some cooking/baking inspiration? You gotta check out my friend Steph’s gluten-free blog

This website lets you create a font using your own handwriting. FUN!

Tie your shoelaces in different and fun ways!

Go on, Ask Me Anything!

Fat Goth Clothes & Query


So in my last post I mentioned trying to get a great goth outfit together in time for this weekend. My BFF & I are hitting up our local goth club in San Jose for their annual bash. We go about once every 6-9 months and have been for the last two years. The first time we went it had been 11 years since I had been to a goth club. I didn’t know what to expect at this new club and since I was much larger in size than the old days I struggled with finding cute clothes for it.

I threw together some black slacks from my old corporate days (LB’s Madison trousers, how I loved thee) and a cute red tee under a black lace top from Avenue and some comfy black shoes.We had a total blast and that’s what matters, but we were dancing for four hours, y’all! It was hot and we were sweaty as hell. And that outfit? No good for dancing!

The second time we went I managed to find an etsy seller to make me a custom skirt which I LOVE! I paired that with a black Old Navy top and some hand dyed (by none other than Marianne Kirby of tights in bright red. I added my own little accents and voila:
goth 004
goth 006
goth 007

It was cute, comfy and I danced my ass off! The only issues I had with this outfit were the ribbon & lace gloves I had made, they kept coming untied, but my lovely BFF was right there to help. Such a sweetheart! But when I posted this outfit on Fatshionista (LJ community) I got a lot of “That’s not goth!” and such and while I had said I knew it wasn’t traditional goth, I thought it more of a Tim Burton/circus goth. Wevs. I love this one!

The time after the above outfit, I wore a similar style top from Torrid, but it had white lace around the neckline and fell off my shoulders so much that I finally stopped caring and just let my bra straps be seen as they were. Ha! I don’t remember if I wore a skirt or pants. I sadly, don’t have a picture, either. Boo!

Now I want a full-on Loli-goth (Gothic Lolita or Victorian style inspired by the lovely and gorgeous Japanese trends) outfit though. But dammit if those aren’t the most expensive of things to get. And well, I did find someone on eBay who does custom ones for like $80 (Not bad at all, trust me!), they are in Asia and thus wouldn’t work for my goth night this weekend. And I never have that kind of money to spend on a damned thing. Ha-ha!

So, I am not trying to figure out a way to create my own version of this. I have some ideas, but I fear I’ll be treading in the non-trad-goth waters and well, part of me doesn’t care but part wants to look like the cool kids, ya know? But without an income I just can’t get the sweet threads I long for. I have minimal sewing skills, but I do have a sewing machine.

I was thinking of wearing this Torrid top with a Victorian collar, but it’s a t-shirt ish material and so would the skirt I wear with it. Is it okay to double up on the jersey knit? For dancing? I’m hesitant. The tights? They rock! They’re so comfortable that I will probably wear them again and again until they die.

Also, if you know of a gorgeously bright red stay-put lipstick, please let me know! And a great red lipstick for someone of my complexion would be nice. Two separate needs actually. I’m clueless about makeup though, so I am in your hands.

So I turn to you brilliant lovelies, please, give me your suggestions and pics and thoughts and let me know what you think I could/should do for my upcoming goth night. I can’t wait!  =0)

Plus Size Vintage Clothing


Something I have longed to do, but I guess could never afford or just didn’t know to look at, was Vintage Clothing!
You always see the most fashionable of people wearing something vintage that doesn’t always strike you as vintage, but maybe just classic or unique or something! I’m thinking “Kramer” from “Seinfeld” or those gorgeous gals on “Mad Men” or just some random person on the street. I read BUST magazine and they always show someone (either a local designer or someone on the street, too) and it seems vintage is the THING to have lately. I’ve always admired some people’s knack for combining modern and vintage or just going full-force vintage and embracing it completely.

But what about us plus size peeps? Are there vintage shops for us? You bet there is! Now I can’t say that I’ve been to a specifically plus vintage store (Oh wait! I can, but can’t remember the name. It’s in Portland, OR though!) or that I have found and purchased any vintage clothing, but what I can do is offer some web links to get you started. I have not bought a single thing from these shops, but I have browsed/window shopped and like what I see. they carry mens & womens clothing. I like that you can choose a certain era. No-brainer for me to click on 40’s vintage dresses. But wait! There’s a little button at the top that says, “For Curvier Sizes” so I click and oh yeah, more what I’m looking for. The only bummer (besides price, but vintage is not cheap) is the sizing doesn’t go up to DEATHFAT and so I must keep looking for that perfect vintage dress I’ve longed for. The mens section does have a lot of cool stuff! Hmm… this no-frills site gives you some unique styles and great descriptions & real pictures of the items they carry. There is a link for plus size vintage. I click it and find very reasonable prices! WOW! Limited selection, but I could see myself checking back here a few times a year to see if anything grabs me. And now that I see that they have vintage bags & aprons? Well…I have a lot of looking to do. Ha! while their plus size selection is small today, I was excited to see so many vintage hats! I’m a sucker for them! Very reasonable pricing, too!  I’m putting this shop in my Etsy favorite sellers list! They have a lot of good stuff. I believe it’s vintage reproductions, but they look like good quality. A little high on the pricing, but it’s new stuff so it’s expected, I guess. Very cute dresses. They go up to a 3x and for dresses that’s a 46″ bust size. Not bad, but no good for moi! This is a great place for guys, though. Lots of bowling & rockabilly style shirts and accessories. For gals there’s so much! This would be a great place to buy a unique special occasion dress that is sure to wow ’em when you arrive! I’m thinking high school reunions and the like. Where your entrance matters! Ha! Pricey end of the spectrum, I’d say. But some of their dresses are drool-worthy! Huge selection. Check out their retro bathing suits, too! If I could afford to dress like this? Well, I’m a married gal so I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Ha-ha! Love their stuff!(even have a goth dress section!) If you’d prefer to focus on just the 1950’s, this is your site! Maybe you’re putting together an outfit or costume or just want to add come 50’s punch to your outfit, this would be the place! From crinolins to neck scarves, you’ll be in poodle skirt-heaven! Not a lot of plus sizes and the sizing stops at 42″ waists, but still, fun. this is what I’m talking about! Plus size Vintage done right! Well, I think so anyway. I like this site. It’s easy to get around and find what you’re looking for. At the top I click clothing, then women’s clothing and then towards the bottom-left plus size. What you see are some cute retro (seems very 80’s) clothes on a cute model! Not a twiggy model, but not a deathfat, either.  The pictures? OMZ! The pictures are where it’s at. When youc lick on an item you get different views, measurements and an eyeballed size. This will be my fave for vintage stuffs so far. WOW! You can even shop by size or bust measurement…and more! So I click on the dudes clothing just to see what I’d find. Some pretty cool-ass 80’s stuff. Nice! When all else fails, you can always sew your own vintage inspired pieces of clothing. Here you can find vintage and out of print sewing patterns! I don’t know how to read patterns yet, but this makes me want to learn! Those gorgeous lines! Those elegant illustrations! Oh my! Yes, definitely worth a check. So go check it!

What do you think? Lots of options, depending on what you’re looking for. I know there’s more out there. This was simply my first run-through of some sites that I’d found. I’m thinking I may have to start researching some local plus size vintage shops…see what I find. Hmm…

Pour l’amour d’hommes (For the love of men)


I know that I tend to write about more lady related topics, but that’s so not fair! I am all about equality and this bargain huntress won’t let the men down, believe me! So guys, here’s a quickie guide to ! Please, don’t be afraid to venture into the unknown. There is an entire world of crafty peeps out there waiting to work with you to create something truly legend -wait for it- ary!

From custom leather goods to personalized stationary or t-shirts, Etsy is the place for all things custom and personalized (yes, even license plate frames)! It’s what I love most about it. You can order dog tags or cuff links with your name or any other info on it. And please, don’t fear being judged! I have made some strange requests of sellers on Etsy and have never had anyone so much as blink an eye at it! So dive on in! The crafty waters are perfect! (Got a gag gift in mind? Post in the “Alchemy” section and let sellers bid for your project or contact a seller directly!)

I would say that the neatest thing I’ve found on Etsy is the personal care (aka: health and beaty) items. From organic to vegan and fragrance free (my husband won’t buy the fragranced stuff) you can find or request anything your heart or your body desires! Even custom undies!!! Yes, you can get Fight Club soap to show off to your friends/guests! You can get all things liquor/beer related from soaps to artwork. The sky is the limit!

Keychains? Yep! Shaving soap refill? Uh-huh! Macho bracelets/necklaces? Oh yeah! If you can dream it then there is someone out there willing and able to make it for you (depending on the project and your budget). Halloween stuff, too! I even found fridge magnets that look like real bacon! Sweet! And baked goods, too! Yeah, too lazy to bake for yourself or go to the store? Buy some goodies on Etsy! You can taste your way around the world! From jams to cookies and lollipops and cake…custom blended teas and coffees…did I mention the sky is the limit? Yeah, ’cause it is!

And clothes? You can get custom made garments for the same price you’d pay for ready to wear stuff in the store! Ridiculous-cool! Hunter S. Thompson passport cover? You got it! Giant Bruce Lee wall decal? Sure! It’s all in how you work the keyword search. See, all the stuff below I slapped into my fave list for your viewing and linking pleasure. And there’s so much more than what you see here! Check out more of my manly faves: (only the first 5-6 pages are for men). All I did was type in “for men” into the keyword search box at the top of the homepage and sorted by price (or you can set other parameters and click on categories, too) and went window shopping!

So, check it out, give it a shot and tell me what you think! Thanks fellas! =0)

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Pimp Thyself!


Sorry darlings, this huntress has been quite busy with the goingson at the cafe. Passed my first (of four total) inspection! Cross your fingers for the next ones…hope to be open around the 31st! Until then, check out my very own shop: for my lovely handmade aprons. They are made with love and generous arpon strings!  =0)

All Prices have been reduced and you’ll get free shipping through August!!!

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