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Step 5: Be Brave

This is the fourth in a series of things that have helped me, I believe in, or people have asked me to share. Basically, things I do or think or whatever that have helped me be a better person, activist and positive fat lady. Check out  Step 1Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4.
Step 5: Be Brave
Now this is more of the be brave by being confident in your own skin sort of thing and not putting yourself in the path of danger. And I firmly believe that going out into the world as a fat person is an act of outright bravery! I was so inspired and moved by Melissa McEwan’s post about things fat people are told this past April that I saved the link and look back on it often. It rang so true for me that I have to go back and read it every now and then to remind myself why it is I write about all things fat. By going out into the world as our most authentic selves and not giving a damn what others may think is truly bucking the stereotype fats have long been burdened with.
Being brave is being you and not giving a fuck about the judgment you may get from others. Bravery is looking people in the eyes as they give you the classic “up-down” or worse. Or better yet, snapping a picture of them as they try to not-so-sneakily take yours. They are trying to take something from you…by confronting them silently, or not silently, you are letting them know that you are a person, that you’re aware of yourself and their bullshit and you’re not going to slink away in shame. In fact, I refuse to slink away in shame from anything ever again. I don’t care if my pants fall down while I’m climbing the stairs, I will not slink! And nor should you.
Bravery is speaking up for yourself and others. You may not always have the right words, but your intentions are pure and your actions speak louder than words. Together we make quite a force to be reckoned with! The fat liberation/acceptance/pride community is a far reaching and tightly woven fabric of rebels who care and people who want to see change in the world. We are that change. By going out into the world like everyone else, we are that change. We live it everyday and with every best friend or auntie or cousin we share our fatty secrets with, we perpetuate that positivity and the journey towards self-acceptance. Because we’re worth it, baby!
By bucking self-hate, we allow ourselves to live without that stress. We are giving ourselves room to breathe and think and feel. To live a life more fully lived! We can be rebels and grannies, we can be admins and rock stars, we can be heroes and heroines! Fauja Singh ran his first marathon recently. He’s 100 years old. When asked what his secret is to a long life, he replied: “The secret to a long and healthy life is to be stress-free. Be grateful for everything you have, stay away from people who are negative, stay smiling and keep running.”
We must support and encourage one another. When things get tough, and seem to keep getting tougher, we need each other that much more. We need to reach out and talk and hug and love and organize and speak out and be heard! We live in a time where the possibility of having our rights ignored or revoked is a reality. When people gather to show the powers that be that they are wrong, they get dealt a hearty helping of violence and abuse. It is not right and it is not fair, but it is the reality of our world right now. The only way we can make a difference and see the change we want in the world is to stick together, welcome others and keep the truth in the forefront of our movement.
I feel most brave when speaking out about the abuses I have endured in my life. I feel most brave when I welcome others to reach out to me if they have no one else they feel comfortable speaking to. I feel most brave when I go to the damned grocery store alone to get food for my husband and I to eat and must bear witness to the looks and remarks from others patrons. I feel most brave when I put pictures of myself on the internet for all to see. I feel most brave when I share so much of myself with so many that I don’t know and can’t possibly know. I feel most brave when I walk the dog at night on my own and every car that passes us by I turn to smile at, hoping to interrupt any thought of hate they might have before they can shout it at me. I feel most brave when I am most truly me.
When do you feel brave? What have you always wanted to do but haven’t had the courage?
“One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.” ~Maya Angelou

Fattiboombalatti Goes to The Doctor


*Trigger Warning for mention of eating disorders and typical medical shaming things*

Ahhhh.. doctor’s offices…. Aren’t they just the nightmare for the Fat Girl? Like many of you, I avoid them whenever possible. As long as being of an overweight category means I will be shamed, ignored, trivialized and disrespected while seeing a health “professional” about physical matters it will always be an appointment of absolute necessity. As sad as it is to say it.

So I get called in and have a health aide walk me directly over to the scales. Now, I do not weigh myself. I have not in years. I do not want to ever again. Why? The number will never ever ever be the number I want. It will always be higher and trigger very old recurring panic attacks that then begin the very terrifying slide down into a very scary and horrible place, a place that lacks all logic and is pure panic… I do everything I can to avoid Body Dimorphic episodes… weighing myself is the Queen of all triggers.

So as I am being walked to the scales I say to the young lady, “No… no, I do not do that. We can skip this portion of today’s visit.” I’ve got this down to a science, this whole, “refusing parts of treatment” thing. Most people do not realize they can refuse any part of their treatment… most people have been raised to view their health as something they just have to “open and say AHHH” to… and that we are not allowed or should not voice things that make us uncomfortable or awkward….

So, I have gotten pretty good at voicing my own needs but every time I do it I always get such interesting reactions from people. The last time when I said,  “We can skip this.” There was a middle aged woman, perhaps of the same size, maybe a little less, walking towards us in the hall… (of COURSE the scales are in the most public, most well trafficked part of the offices just to add a little more shame to your otherwise stellar day) and she actually backed up a step with a shocked, “what?!?!” that was half laugh, half incredulity…half wonder… so I responded, “I know I’m fat… so what’s the point here?” and she kept staring at me as I rocked it down the hall. Her reaction was a mixture of WTF/yes you need to get weighed, fatty/could I do that too?/she is going to get into trouble/and, I wish I had done that, too. This is very typical in terms of reactions.

A couple of years ago I would tell people, “I am a recovering Bulimic” and even though I had no basis of understanding why, I just knew that if I said that people would back off and become compassionate or they would ask me, “is your Bulimia under control? Do you get triggered often?” It seemed funny to me that being the same person in the same size that I am would get a compassionate, understanding response if I claimed that my issue was in regards to my attempts to become thin… but I get a whole range of responses (none compassionate) I do not play homage to societal norms.

How would people react if my authentic response was, “I do not weigh myself because I am struggling with overcoming body dysmorphic disorder due to years of horrific social abuse because I was and am fat and weighing myself only triggers intense feelings of shame and guilt that I know are reactions to not attempting modify my body to the cultural ideal.”

What say you darlings, should I try this line and see what the outcome will be?

So instead of telling others I’m bulimic I just let it ride as it is. I do NOT have to explain myself or my choices to you. I do not have to place myself in a medically induced state of anxiety nor do I have to deal with practices or a conversation which are not only completely useless in terms of my weight but actually is harmful to my mental health, well-being and physical wellness.

So after my little scale avoidance episode I am left in the office to await da’ Man. While in the office I took note of my surroundings. On the walls of the office were:

A calendar

A “Quit Smoking” flyer by the American Heart Association

3 flyers calling for participants in various studies at the local research hospital

1 poster detailing the symptoms of depression (brought to you by Zoloft… no I’m not kidding)

1 poster giving me a number to see if I qualify for Gastric Bypass Surgery

1 flyer to see an in-house “Nutritionist”


…. Uh…. Well, I….don even…..


The only flyer that actually is concerned with health and wellness is the quit smoking one.  So in case you aren’t ALREADY coming to see the Doc for depression, anxiety, etc etc etc… ZOLOFT wants to make fucking sure that just in case you didn’t actually “know” you were depressed well ZOLOFT has is right there in a 2 by 3 foot poster… and the remedy…hmmm… lemme guess…Zoloft?

And the other one… the OTHER ONE…. Same thing…. Say, let’s not talk about health, REALLY… let’s not talk about lifestyle, holistic health practices or just taking a fucking walk every day no we want you to know that we are there for you… if you want to cut your stomach in half… we are here to “help”.  And if you don’t want that then we have a Nutritionist because you, fatty, you we are sure do not know how to eat… as if eating well is a science… have any of you seen a Nutritionist? You get weighed, you are given a menu then you have to cough up your weekly write-in diet and get shamed for bad choices…. Hmmm what does that remind me of? Oh yes! Every other weight loss plan out there!!!!

Before I am even seen by my doctor I am bombarded by messages… no, not messages… billboard advertising… telling me what my problem is and what thing I can buy to fix it.

First a patient is weighed. Then she is left to sit in a room with a Zoloft and gastric bypass ad. It doesn’t get any more genius than that, does it? The doctor need not say a word… the system is doing all the work.

Any posters about health? Wellness? Meditation? Yoga? Walking? swimming? The benefits of a vegetarian diet? Managing stress? Nope.

I wonder how much Zoloft pays doctor’s offices to allow them to place their posters up in each and every examination room.

So anyway, that is why I avoid seeing my health practitioners as much as possible. A for profit system can never be honest in that it has your health and wellness as a primary concern, nor are the health prescriptives based on health as much as it is the bottom line.  As long as society is pulling its collective hair out running around in circles, “OMGOBESITY!!!! Run!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES” and the government supports it and Hollywood supports it then there is good money to be made in making fat a medical issue worthy of reduction at all costs… and even better, at a high cost.

Step 3: Keep Going


This is the third in a series of things that have helped me, I believe in, or people have asked me to share. Basically, things I do or think or whatever that have helped me be a better person, activist and positive fat lady. Check out  Step 1 and Step 2

Step 3: Keep Going
Sometimes, this is the hardest step. For me, this week and right now, it is very difficult. But somehow my current reality has proven the point for me. I woke up yesterday, right before a big interview, with terrible and inexplicable back pain. That interview may have been the hardest one to get through yet and not because of the usual stuff, just the pain itself. But I did it. As I was getting ready I tried to just put the pain out of my mind, as hard as that may seem, and focus on the tasks at hand. Getting dressed was possibly the worst bit. When I couldn’t lean let alone bend forward, pants became a problem, but my previously planned outfit that included teggings or tights would have been far worse. So, with much swearing and many funny sounds coming out of me, I managed to get into my old business wear and pearls and get to the interview on time.
I spent the rest of the day and night in complete misery, but I got through that interview, dammit! No one can take that away from me! And that to me is the point of  “Keep Going.” Even when it’s hard, even when it hurts, even if you wanna give up, sometimes you just have to find it in yourself to keep going. “Don’t let the bastards get ya down!” Right?! Because no one can make you keep going, no amount of cheer-leading will give you the nerve or the strength or the will to keep going, I do believe that you have to find it within yourself.
I’m in no way discounting the importance of support, this is vital, but it’s not a given. Some of us don’t have our support systems set up yet. Some of us still struggle with blood related family and haven’t found our chosen family yet. That is okay. You’ll get there. You just have to keep going, you just have to believe in yourself and know that you are worth every ounce of effort. I know I keep telling myself that I’ll be okay, the pain will go away. And isn’t it funny that I woke up this way and didn’t injure myself doing something silly or wild or fun?! Ha-ha!
So, I may randomly yell obscenities and bizarre sounds without a care to whom may hear or what they may think, but dammit, I must keep going! For myself and for fat liberation and it will get better. Life is too short not to. And shit, it just goes to show that you shouldn’t hold yourself back from doing those silly things since you can wake up with an injury just as easily, eh?! Ha-ha!
Step 1: Stop Giving A Damn, Step 2: Do What Makes You Happy and Step 3: Keep Going! Bust out that cape or Tiara, strut your stuff to your theme song and just Keep Going!

Tank Top Tuesday!!!


Today’s Tank Top Tuesday submission comes from Deeleigh  (of Big Fat Blog fame). She says that this is a draft entry for the NOW Foundation Love Your Body poster contest.

So yeah.  Not only am I wearing a tank top in this picture, I’m wearing one
that’s too tight and that accentuates my belly rolls.  I’m also wearing an
extremely short cotton jersey skirt.

Normally, I’m not that much of a rad fattie when it comes to clothing.
Okay, so I do wear sleeveless tops on a pretty regular basis. I’ve also been
known to wear mini skirts, but only with boots and opaque leggings or
tights.  I am actually pretty careful not to offend people’s sensibilities.
I dance around the “inappropriate” line and I don’t call attention to my size.

A too-tight tank without a bra and with a tiny skirt and no leggings is
definitely over that line.  So, even for a fat woman who is actually not the
world’s shyest, this is really daring for me.

There’s a method to my madness.  I took a series of photos of myself exactly
as described in the text.  No makeup, no attempt to hide “flaws,” no attempt
to play down my size.  I tried to choose lighting and poses that made it
clear that I was fat and that my body wasn’t perfect, but that didn’t quite
cross the line into being ugly to an average viewer.  I wanted to create an
image that would be perceived by most people as beautiful rather than
grotesque, but that didn’t look anything like what we see in entertainment
and advertising.  Of course, some people will have been deeply influenced by
media images and will find it ugly.  I’ve got some other photos I could use…

I guess I’d just like some feedback from the community.  Is the photo doing
what I want it to do?  Any suggestions on the graphic design?  Is the
poem-thingy a good idea, or is it too long or too precious?  Don’t worry,
I’m not particularly attached to any of it, and I’m totally open to
constructive criticism.

I am taking submissions from anyone who wants to exercise their right to Bare Arms for future Tank Top Tuesday posts! Email your pics here:, please include the name you’d like in the post, a blog or etsy shop you wanna plug, your thoughts on bare arms or other fatty philosophies. It does not have to be in a tank top, so long as your arms are bare. Have fun with it!

Also, feel free to still treat comments as TMI topic/discussion/venting area! Feel free to ask TMI questions or just vent/rant about your own stuff. I love it! We all do! =0)

I Was Wrong About Women


Many years ago (let’s just leave it at more than ten), a friend of mine took a women’s studies class in college and was just beginning to tell me about it. And sadly, my knee-jerk reaction was something along the lines of, “Fuck that femi-nazi shit!” *HeadDesk* I’m really sorry “Q”! I see the error of my ways now.

You see, I used to believe that women weren’t to be trusted. That I couldn’t get along with them or they me. That somehow I just couldn’t “put up with their bullshit” and well, I was all kinds of wrong. I mean? Well, I’m a woman, why on earth did I feel this way? How did I get so off-course? *Sigh* It happens. I didn’t have a strong female figure in my life growing up and certainly, for awhile at least, every gal I got close to would hurt me. So I made up this strategy/philosophy and let it dictate my own fears and comforts for many many years.

As I get older and wiser (one hopes anyway), I learn more and more about how the media/marketing and all sorts of other influences can make us hate our own gender. My husband often apologizes for the crimes against women, humanity and nature on behalf of his gender. I didn’t used to feel so loyal or affiliated with my own gender. But that all changed the further I got into the fat liberation (acceptance) movement. How could I continue to distance myself from an entire gender when it was the very group who were inspiring me everyday? The short answer: I couldn’t!

The at liberation (acceptance) movement has shown me time and again new ways of thinking and being and feeling. Not in some cultist way, mind you, but in very positive, common sense and even life affirming ways. I had no idea what I was missing out on! Not having a nurturing figure in my life (well, that’s a complicated story for another time), I missed out on lots of things and am only now figuring out things like eyeliner and tights and stuff like that! More so, the deep love and compassion a woman can give to another in a way that is neither sexual nor sisterly.

And I fucking love women! Women get shit done! Women are known for talking/chatting/gossiping? Huh! More like planning, organizing, plotting! I never used to believe in or apply the label to myself, but dammit, I’m a modern feminist! I’m not afraid to tell the world. No matter how weighty that word can be (and how convoluted it’s become sadly), feminism to me is simply believing in equality…for all! Go read my “about” page and you’ll see that that is a major thing for me. And I have no patience or tolerance for hate, not from the world and not from anyone in my life! None. Life is too short and too awesome to waste on that shit. And if you’re someone who spews hate at “skinny bitches” and shit like that? Check yourself, hun, please?! It’s judgment, plain & simple! And unnecessary! We need to get beyond this.

Now? Now I have more female than male friends (big switch from my past). Now I know some of the most beautiful, smart, powerful, creative, talented, wondrous women in the world! Women who fuel my passion for fat liberation. Women who inspire me and motivate me. Women who bare their souls to me without ever meeting me. Women who have survived horrible abuses who live to see another day and share their stories so that maybe just one woman will be saved from that pain. Women who lay their own lives on the line in the name of justice. I know these women. I am these women. You are these women! And we are an amazing species that have evolved and adapted and grown over millions of years.I am so proud to be a woman because of all of you.

I see men in a different light, too. Men who have touched my heart and my life in ways I didn’t think possible. Men who will just as quickly lay their lives on the line for our cause. Men who believe in supporting us and letting us shine or stepping up and helping in any way that they can. We need them just as much as they need us. This isn’t a competition. This is nature. The nature of our species and the nature of our world. Thank the stars above we have this very moment to breathe it all in and relish in the knowledge that we can choose to help and care for each other rather than battle. And I feel for the guys who didn’t or don’t have women to teach/show them things to help them understand the world, themselves and women, too.

I recently heard someone say that you can always tell when a guy grew up without sisters or women around. It made me think about it for awhile. It’s scary! To only really see one side of the world (in a way)? It is no wonder than many guys see feminists the way I used to. And I can say that they just haven’t been exposed! They haven’t seen the truth! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is even slightly interested, “Misogyny: The World’s Oldest Prejudice” (and you can get it for a steal!). I had no idea how long and how awful women were treated and why they were treated so terribly.  It is a great read, educational for sure, but informative in ways I hadn’t imagined.

Thank you for reading. Take care of YOU!

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