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Two Piggies & A Pug!


Yep, that’s my little Puggyman, checkin’ out the the piggies I just received from Amanda of FatWaitress & LoveYourBodyDetroit! One is for moi! The other I get to decorate and send back to her for some serious fat activism for Love Your Body Day! Yay!

So adorable and fun! Purple tu-tu? Yes, please! I don’t yet know how I will be decorating my pig, but I’m excited for the challenge and opportunity to do so! I will of course take plenty o’ pictures when it’s completed to share here with you lovelies! Any suggestions on decorating it?


My Fat Bitch Necklace!


A lovely reader of this blog, “JaneDoe” wanted to make me a “Fat Bitch” necklace and well, how could I say no?! Emails were exchanged, facts and figures were shared and then I received a lovely little something in my mailbox:

“Bohemian pressed glass beads have been around for hundreds of years.  They originated as an inexpensive substitute for gemstones.   They were made by small family owned businesses; true cottage industries.
Bohemia is part of what is now the Czech Republic.  Because of the uphevals of the 20th century and then the advent of Soviet rule, the pressed glass industry pretty much shut down.  When the Russians came in, they confiscated all the beads worth having, and then told the bead makers to farm the land instead of make beads.
Many of the pressed glass beads I have came into the country after the Velvet Revolution of 1989 but were made before the industry shut down.  A man with a bead shop made a trip to the area after the Soviets left.  He approached people whoes families had been bead makers.  He was told that if he bought up “old junk that had been laying around for years” that next time he’d be able to buy better.  In essence, it was a bribe to gain entre into the pressed bead world.
He had the beads strung up on special 24″ strands (usually bead strands are 16″) and imported container loads of these “old junk” beads.  He sold the hell out of them in his shop.  And as time went on he was able to get better and better beads.  His business prospered because he was bringing over stuff no one else had that hadn’t been seen in the USA for many years.  He’s still in business today in fact and is one of the biggest importers of Bohemian pressed glass beads in the nation.
One day back in 1995 I cold called him and asked if he had anything he wanted to be rid of.  He said “Do I have a deal for you!”  He had since saturated his market and had lots of the original “old junk” beads laying around.  I bought many, many kilos of beads for next to nothing.
The cool part is, these beads really did lay around for decades in a barn.  I have some that were sealed in bags rather on put on strings.  In the bags were old oats and grains of wheat from the days when the bead makers had been made to farm.
I liked using them, too, because it says something about oppression.  The Russians eventualy had to leave and the Czech people now govern themselves after a bloodless revolution (The Velvet Revolution).   I’m hoping someday we as humans will look back at fat oppression and see it as an odd footnote in history.”
I was instantly in love with this piece! The weight of it is just lovely and the beads are gorgeous! The handiwork is perfection! She got the length, clasp and everything else just right! This is a rare feat in my book, after so many custom piece failures. I will be sporting this loudly and proudly! You should see how it plays with the light! It seems too fancy, almost, to have “Fat Bitch” on it, but that makes it all the more special, I think.
A special thanks to FattiBoomBalatti for writing the post that inspired this! I hope to see more “Fat Bitch” items (you can submit your photo here: Did anyone get a t-shirt made? I am loving this whole thang, y’all! Thank you “JaneDoe” for rockin’ my socks with this fine fabulosity! (She may even be willing to sell such necklaces upon request!)

The Fat Necklace Phenomenon


While gearing up for the Fat Flesh mob last Friday, I had wanted tp wear something special, to make a statement and feel good in the process. There was no doubt in my mind that my “Fat” necklace would be included. When I mentioned this to some friends, three different gals said that they would also be donning their “Fat” necklaces. When I arrived, Marilyn Wann had one on as well. And once there and chatting with all of the wonderful people I met that day, so many asked where I got my “Fat” necklace. I had no idea such a simple thing would be so sought after.

The “Fat” necklace is a statement piece. It is something truly special and to be worn with great pride. Providing, of course, you have the sanity points to deal with the unique reactions you may get while wearing it in public. I’ve gotten everything from people avoiding eye contact with me to laughter with a side of “That’s awesome!” with it. But I especially loved wearing it to the Flesh Mob on INDD. I held my head high and wore my “Fat” necklace as a sign of my comittment and gratitude to be part of the fat acceptance movement, to fight for the equal treatment of all bodies. However, one good friend wore hers to a party where people incessantly discussed and offered her dieting bullshit. Ugh! Some will just never get it, I guess.

Of course it all began (for me anyway) when Natalie (of fame) designed and offered her (and in my eyes the original) “Fat” necklace. I still think it is the prettiest design, but alas, I am far too broke for such a purchase. Nicole bought one from Natalie and I know everyone was asking about it! And you know you’ve not only designed something asthetically lovely but also radically of-the-moment when someone gets your design tattooed on their flesh! I have no links or pics, but I’ve seen at least two gals with her design on them.

So, then I posted a pic/GIF the other day with my “Fat” necklace and a few commenters were interested in where I got mine and/or how they could get one for themselves at a lower price. I want to tread lightly on the subject because I am a firm believer in supporting independant artists and protecting their work. I ask that you do consider buying your necklace from Natalie, but if you absolutely cannot swing it, then I shall offer the few options I could find on Etsy (by independant designers, handmade, many local to the U.S.). Unfortunately the gal who made my necklace has closed-up shop. But the lettering is like that from the movie “Fame” from the 80’s (bitchin’ movie).

Here is what I could find on Etsy, but I have not personally purchased from them before:
Sugar & Vice  offers a few different options both in font as well as a banner style I loved.
Wacodis has one listing with seemingly limitless options (and amazing price, but only in clear letters).
Everlasting Doodle offers customization of most of their designs. So many!
I also found out that Tap Plastics offers pretty much the same thing minus the chain and such. I have not used them before but have heard nothing but great things about them in general. Nothing specific in regards to this option for a necklace, but due to their reputation I have no doubt that they will work with you!

Thank you to Natalie who brought the concept of the “Fat” necklace into our world and being an amazing artist, blogger, activist and person. You inspire us all! <3

 If you do get or have a “Fat” necklace, do send a pic of you wearing it my way (include links, too!) so I might compile a lovely post in the future to show our “Fat” necklace glory to the world!
Email it here:


I Wore A Dress (Bonus DIY Leggings Vid)


I had such a glorious day off yesterday. I had zero plans other than two errands and one of those got cancelled, so it was pretty chill. I love that! And it was about 70 degrees all day; perfection in my book. I was feeling so swell in fact that I wore an actual dress! I know, nuts, right? Okay, so I wore leggings under the dress, but mostly because it wasn’t that hot out and I didn’t have tights handy. I had been wanting to wear the dress since I got it from the ever stylish Nicole. She had brought it to the S.F. clothing swap just for little old me (what a doll, right?). But it’s been strange spring weather and I wasn’t feeling it, ya know? Until yesterday, that is. Can ya tell?

Yes, that’s my little puggy man there having his nappy time. Ha-ha! The dress was originally from and I had wanted a top in this same fabric/print so bad but they had sold out of my size. Boo! But Nicole was such a sweetie pie and gave me this dress of hers. I know you can’t see the leggings, but they are from Torrid with the lace at the ankle. Basic. I haven’t a clue where the hat came from. Back of my car is all I know. Ha-ha! Perhaps Ross Dress For Less? That sounds about right. I just wore flip-flops with this. It was lovely!

I have several dresses now but always hesitate to wear them. Mostly due to either chub rub issues or my legs showing issues. Leggings help and my good friend Amanda linked me to this Leggings DIY video so I may give it a go on my own:

Inspirationally Rad Fatty Alert: Psycho Sue


My last podcast was with the ever incredible and amazing Psycho Sue! I had no idea at the time how much of an impact that little convo of ours would have on each other and even our readers.

I was ever so delighted to find the song she mentioned writing recently about being rejected for her size in the music industry (BULLSHIT!!!) on her blog. I clicked play and got chills instantly. Though, I must admit, by the end of the song I was bawling my face off. Good stuff, you guys! You don’t even know. Get over there and watch/listen and prepare for awesomeness and inspiration!

And then again to my delight and amazement (I am beginning to believe that this is all she does, amaze me), she started a sewing tutorial video series! Woot! A Total bad ass! I love ya, Sue! Keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re doing it just right! <3

I wish we were neighbors! Oh the shenanigans we would get into?! Ha-ha! And our little puggies would be BFFs and we’d live happily sewing after…Ha-ha! Seriously, I am so glad to have her, and you all here reading, in my life! Thank you!

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